Saturday, December 29, 2007

Datu Bago 2005 Reunion December 2007

I have been extremely excited for the reunion. So, that's why I prepared for it. I bought a short and a pair of slipper to coincide with my cloth i will wear for the event. The color motif of our reunion is color green. Then, December 28 came. I woke very early (i guess it was 6:35 am). I grab all the necessities which includes the clothes i will wear, cellphone, wallet, and snacks. The venue is Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort which is located at Lanang, Davao City. Our orientation area is at Caltex Gas Station corner R. Castillo and Lanang Road.

We have been grouped into three teams (Blue, Yellow, Orange). Fortunately, I belong to the Yellow group (but I guess I was unfortunate in a sense that all of us are slightly not so competitive. The first game is the improvised Amazing Race. We ended 3rd (as expected). For more info just visit Jed's Site.
I did not expect that our reunion would be as grand as more than I imagined. The food was so great. I cannot even stand after the lunch. The games were fabulous. Everybody enjoyed it. I swear. I am looking forward for the next reunion. A big thanks to the organizers especially to Jed, Al, Ilsea, Angelie, Matet and Martha.
For more photos just click here

Time may only pass, but our hearts will still remain.


Love Waves

It is a natural human inclination to go into deep thoughts of tenderness, happy memories, and tear of joy over someone. But, hey, did you know that love waves don’t deal with emotions? Love waves are related to geophysics and earthquakes; therefore, they’re serious business.
The term “love waves” is named after British geophysicist Augustus E. H. Love. Different kinds of seismic waves re produced by the deformation of rock materials. Love waves refer to one type of surface seismic waves, which are generated by earthquakes. The other type is called body waves. They are primary waves and shear waves.
When either primary waves or shear waves got stuck, love waves do follow. Love waves cause rock to move horizontally.
As oppose to lose waves the surface seismic waves are called Rayleigh waves. The term Rayleigh waves is named after John Railey, a physicist form Great Britain. Rayleigh waves cause rock to move in a circular motion generally along the same direction as either the primary waves or shear waves.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bug Talk

Let’s talk biology. I need to calm down studying on computers, softwares and hardwares. My head would crack open if I would always talk about them. Let us talk about bugs. I know everyone of us do not like bugs at all.
Bugs annoy you right? This annoyance may probably cease or lessen by knowing the importance of bugs in our everyday life. In fact, we couldn’t live without them. Are you surprised?
Bug is the common name for insects belonging to the Heteroptera order. Majority are plant feeders; many are predators. Examples of bugs are bees, ladybugs, worms, spiders, beetles, doodlebug, and bedbug.
You may find bugs yucky and disgusting, but they are necessary in keeping our planet healthy. They clean up and recycle nature. They religiously do their part in order to put balance in our natural environment. Worms, for instance, are very helpful. They eat their way through dirt and leave behind rich soil that plants love.
Bees are essential also. They travel from flower to flower, gathering pollen to make honey. They spread pollen to other plants as well. These plants can then make seeds thereby more and more plants will grow.
Spiders may look scary, but their significance will amaze you. They eat bugs that are harmful to human life such as mosquitoes and flies. We all know that mosquitoes and flies spread disease-causing germs. Scientists have a theory that spiders eat in about a year weigh as much as all the people on earth. Come to think about it: Spiders are equally entertaining. When you see spiders spin its web, you are watching a real life adventure. How about that for a change, huh?
Don’t get bugged with bugs. This is easy to do by keeping in mind that bugs are very useful to other living things such as humans and animals. Each time you come across a harmless bug, don’t hurt them. Don’t kill them. Be kind to them. Be assured, however, that you will benefit from your act of kindness towards them.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

List of Gifts I Received

I really felt the essence of Christmas when i already received my gifts. I do have received quite a few gifts from my family, relatives and friends. Here are my gifts:

1. All - star pair of shoe (but imitation) - from my ninang r.
2. Bohol shirt - from my Lola Norms
3. Fashion Bracelt - from tita grace
4. White Bracelet - from a special friend.
5. Molecules shirt - from my ninong.
6. Fashion necklace - from my Lola Mila

That's all. Oh well. I hope next year the number of gifts i would receive should increase.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Silence of Christmas

December 24, 2007, Christmas Eve, just like any other ones. People are busy in shopping and doing grocery for the noche buena. Rushing to palengkes to buy the some necessities for midnight. Me? I just went downtown to buy myself a gift. It is just a pair of shoe, nothing expensive though. Then, I went home.
A vast three years ago, the emperor of our city declared to ban the fireworks and any other paputok that can cause harm to people. Yes, it is a fact that because of fireworks, an increase of accidents, cuts, injuries and etc. has occurred during Christmas. The first reaction of the public was affirmatively negative. What’s Christmas without fireworks? How can we celebrate without them? These are just quite a few of the questions that aroused during that year. But as years had passed, people just seemingly accept the enforced policy. This city ordinance has been quietly imposing fairly well for three years until now, or IS IT REALLY THAT FAIR? Today, as I was walking towards home, I realized how silent the city is. The streets are like ghost towns, so silent indeed. It is extremely different with the other cities. I am not uprising a rebellion here against the imperialism of our government. Mmmm. I’m just wondering how different we are? How silent we are? Is this really what we want during Christmas?
Oh well, I’m still happy though. I am excited for our small noche buena (rice, afritada, spaghetti, macaroni salad, and a cake, Yeah!). It is almost twelve, just a few minutes and it is Christmas. My mom is calling me now to help her prepare. A merry Christmas to all.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Art of Flunking Exams

So many tips have been given on how to pass examinations. So, why don’t we reverse situation? Let us follow the steps to master the “Art of Flunking Exams”.
  1. Do not come to school regularly. Always be absent or else, always be late. You will surely become a superstar ‘cause your teacher will always ask of you and you will have your classmates’ eyes on you each time you come to school. But what is more exciting is that, you will become a member of SWAT or Samahan ng mga Walang Answers sa Test.

  1. Do not study your daily lessons. Just like the saying goes: All work and no play makes little Jack a dull boy. So, why work hard to pass the examination? If you pass, your father may push you to study even more. But if you fail, he may ask you to drop out. If he does, then what a grand vacation! No teacher to prod or push you; no homeworks and no exams!

  1. Do not review at all before examination. When your classmates are busy reviewing for a coming examination, just fool around. Laugh, dance and sing! See a movie or watch TV till late at night. If you do these, you will surely fail. But at least, for the meantime that test results are not yet known, your classmates may think you are a genius. Now, isn’t it great to be mistaken for a genius even for a while?

  1. If you must review, practice cramming. If you do not review at all, your conscience may bother you for your laziness. So, make a compromise. Review somehow. But review only the night before the exams. Try to put into your head, in one sleepless night, what would normally take you one or more two months to put in. you will find out that, come examination time, you will be as groggy as a drunk. Now, how in the world can a student like this still pass even the easiest examination?

  1. Keep your eyes on your seatmate’s test paper. In other words, just copy! But be sure to copy even the commas, periods and erasures. If you do, the teacher will soon find out and when she does, you will not only fail. You may also be suspended for a week or two. And isn’t that an exciting vacation.

  1. Do not follow directions. If the directions ask for a “yes” or “no” answer, write “true” or “false”. If the direction says, “Encircle the correct answer”, put an “X” instead. In this way, you will also fail. But at least, hindi masyadong pahiya.

If you must fail in an examination, be sure you also fail in other areas like the recitation, projects and behavior. Then, you will have failing grade on your report card. To fail and then repeat the subject is enjoyable, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve got a big crush on your teacher!

These tips are sure ways on hot not to pass the exams. But remember that, as Oscar Wilde says, “Ideas are not responsible for the people who believe in them!”


Monday, December 17, 2007

Fuerza Ascensional


How Ships Float?

A pebble tossed in a pond will surely sink to the bottom. Even our five-centavo coin will not float in water. What is amazing is how ship, made of steel and is very heavy, can float in water.

The answer lies in a principle discovered by Archimedes 2200 years ago. Archimedes is a Greek mathematician who lived in Syracuse. One day as he was getting into the bath, he noticed that as he lowered himself into the tub, water was displaced over the sides. According to the story, he run naked into the street yelling “Eureka!” (I found it!). What he found was the principle of buoyancy – that the object will float when the weight of water displaces equals its own weight. What he discovered was not how ships float, but which is denser, gold or silver. This helped him determine whether the king’s crown was made of pure gold or had silver in it.

For the ship to float, it must displace a volume of water as heavy as its weight. One thing that must be considered also is how the weight is distributed. A chunk of steel put on the surface of a pond will sink. But if the same chunk is shaped into a bowl, it will float. This is because of the bowl’s weight is spread over a wider area. This same principle applies with the ship.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Boring Day!!

10:00 am – Time to wake up. I’m still sleepy actually. I cannot even recognize myself in my mirror. I thought I am a football superstar. But when my consciousness went back, I suddenly realized that I was daydreaming.

11:35 am – This is my breakfast-lunch time during Sundays. It is actually a combination of my appetizers, breakfast, morning snack and lunch with dessert. So, during this time I would transform into a meat-eating cute beast.

11:45 am – Toothbrush. I got a big swelly belly, so don’t get confused why I eat so fast with an enormous meal.

12:00 noon – T.V. (no matter what!!!).

1:30 pm – I decided to visit the barbershop and cut my hair (literally!! Just joking!!). But I really have a trim, which the barber called “slash trim”. It went out cute!! As usual and as expected with me.

2:30 pm – I went to the mall for strolling. I was expecting a lot of people today ‘cause its family day. But I was wrong; there were more than a lot of people. I think it’s because of the outrushing Christmas “shopping” spirit. And there were an inter-school band competition. I just leisurely walked in and out of stores.

4:00 pm – I felt tired walking around the mall. So I just made my mind to play my fave online game, FLYFF. Just inside the mall. I was just complaining with their price, which is 20/hour. Such a greedy Internet café!! But I don’t have anything to do. They already logged me in.

6:00 pm – After several boring hours of such eternal boredom, I just decided to go home.



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eight Ways to Ditch an UNWANTED LOVER!!

  1. Tell her that you’ve been promoted so you will have very little time for any friends for the next size weeks/months/years.
  2. Say you’re too preoccupied with your own problems to be decent friend to anyone.
  3. Explain that you want a six-month break from her because your friendship is so intense; it’s taking too much out of you.
  4. Confess that you don’t think that you’ve been able to be a good friend to her and you want her to find someone else to befriend her.
  5. Tell her straight that you don’t think the friendship is working out, but stress that it’s no-one’s fault. It’s just one of those things.
  6. Gradually, withdraw: don’t answer her calls and don’t initiate any contact. She’ll assume that you’ve just drifted apart. If she’s still too thick-skinned, change your number.
  7. Decline every invitation she extends to you, no matter how entertaining it is.
  8. Lastly, be honest but kind: say that you feel you’ve grown apart and that you could both find better friendship elsewhere.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Glimpse of History - The Rise of the Modern World

The theory of the “divine right” of kings was not practiced by the rulers of the Middle Ages. The right of rebellion, occasional election, the grant of town charters, and the parliament limited the powers of the monarchs during this age.

The checks on the power of the medieval monarchs did not, however, work toward the development of democracy. Instead, autocracy developed in Europe during the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. The rise of autocracy was due to the presence of able and ambitious monarchs, the change in the methods of warfare, the political ideas of writers, the influence of national patriotism, the influence of the Reformation, and the economic, social, and political changes brought about by the growth of commerce and trade.

The people of England fought hard to obtain protection for their rights. The English revolution – the Puritan Revolution and the Glorious Revolution – were the causes of the rise of many institutions, which we have inherited, from the English. One of these is the representative from the government.

The civilization that arose in Western Europe spread to the various European countries through the reforms introduced by the “enlightened despots” who considered it their duty to promote the progress and welfare of their people.

The introduction of new ways of living with others, and new ways of thinking during the early modern period greatly enhanced the progress of mankind


A Glimpse of History – The Expansion of Europe Beyond the Seas

European expansion was brought about by the interplay of many causes, such as Renaissance, love for adventure, commerce, desire to spread religion, and desire for wealth and power.

The knowledge of men and the world was increased through the help of many important inventions and discoveries.

The early contact of Europe with the East was indirect. Later, trade routes were established. Trade routes were important factors in the establishments of the trade relations between the West and the East. The capture of Constatinople by the Turks in 1453 forced the search for another trade route to the East.

Portugal took leadership in geographical discoveries and explorations. Other nations followed suit. Rivalries in trade and in the acquisition of colonies ensued. Rivalries were in turn followed by wars.

The discoveries and explorations led to European expansion. The effects of the discoveries and explorations were important not only in Europe but also for the world. This also brought about the increase in wealth and luxuries, growth in commerce and trade, rise of the middle class and contact of the civilization of Europe and the other regions of the world


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Glimpse of History – The Way Toward the Modern World

The Christian Church played an important role in the life of man of the Middle Ages. The monasteries helped make the life of the people easier and richer, and were almost wholly responsible in preserving knowledge and literature.

The Barbarians would have destroyed the culture of Europe had not the Roman Empire in the East and the Church taken effective measures to preserve it.

The power and influence of the Church declined on account of the rise of rival religions, the conflict between the Pope and the princes, and the Great Schism.

The Christian Church launched the Crusades in order to recover the Holy Land from the Turks. Although the Crusades failed to accomplish this original purpose, they brought about the contact between the East and the West. And this contact promoted both the cultural and material progress of the world.

A new system of social organization known as feudalism developed in the Middle Ages. This system was based on land tenure. Feudalism caused important changes in the social life of the world.

The rise of nation-states was due to the development of a common feeling, natural development of one common national language, and the feeling of kinship.

New interest in learning was revived. Italy took the leadership in the Renaissance. The Renaissance changed the attitude of the people towards life.

Middle Ages laid the foundation of the modern world.

Without the contributions of the Middle Ages the modern world would have been possible.


Monday, November 19, 2007

A Glimpse of History - Rome’s Influence in the Advancement of the Human Race

What brought about the rise of the Roman republic? Two important factors made Rome the greatest power and a seat of a great civilization: her geographical position, and the character of her people. Rome’s position made it easy for her to spread her dominion along the Mediterranean Sea. In the north she was protected from the barbarous tribe by the Alps. The Mediterranean Sea separated her from her civilized rivals. And the character of her people enables her to make most of his strategic position.

The ancient Romans were a disciplined and orderly people. Unlike the Greeks, they could compose their own practical advantage. Just as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks had their respective civilization so had the Romans also developed their own. As a result of her wars with the Greeks, Rome gained control of the cities Magna Grecia, and then extended her powers and influence over the Mediterranean world. Her doors were thus opened to receive the culture of this part. Later, as a result of her victory over the Carthaginians, Rome became the mistress of the Mediterranean and the builder of the great Roman Empire.

Rome’s position enabled her to absorb and spread the culture of the ancient people, and thus fulfilled the mission of preserving and enriching ancient cultures that she handed down to the Western World. But Rome’s greatest service to civilization was the triumph of the Christianity over paganism. This victory greatly altered the moral standards of society. Although Rome did not make original contributions to the world, she made valuable efforts in preserving the culture and civilizations of the Greeks and the Oriental people.

The history of the Roman republic is characterized by the struggle between plebeians and patricians, the rivalry among military leaders, and the struggle for mastery of the Mediterranean world. The republic enlarged into an empire. The Roman Empire lasted for almost five hundred years. Ina bout 395 A.D. it declined for various reasons.


Friday, November 16, 2007

A Glimpse of History - Greek Rich Civilization

The wonderful development of the many-sided genius of the Greeks was due mainly to the geography of the country and the character of the people. The people were self-reliant; adventurous, fearless, but moderate and freedom-loving. They were lovers of beauty and truth. That love of beauty found expression in art, poetry, music, and philosophy.
Greek civilization developed in small communities, like the independent city-states of Athens and Sparta. These two cities developed two different types of civilization. Sparta emphasized military service to the state, while Athens experimented on different forms of government to promote the welfare of the individual, thus becoming the leading democratic city-state. This ideological difference between Sparta and Athens brought about rivalry and war.
Athens emerged as a famous city. Two great powers, however, threatened her independence – Persia and Carthage, which waged several wars to destroy her civilization. The wars, costly and useless, dragged on through a long period. Athens, however, emerged victorious and preserved her civilization for the world.
Athens victory over Persia saved the Greek civilization which Alexander the Great spread throughout the length and breadth of the eastern empire he built centering Alexandria in Egypt.
Greece enriched life through her contributions. She improved upon the ways of living, which she inherited from our ancestors. Greek life found expression in songs, art, literature, science, lofty thoughts or philosophy and history, these accomplishments illumined or enlightened the world.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Glimpse of History – Early Civilization

The study of history is useful to us because it gives us knowledge of the past, helps us understand the present, and enables us to foresee the future. The study of history makes us appreciate the failures and success of man as he builds the civilization of the world, and it develops in us certain ideals, habits, and attitudes, which makes us understand men and events for our personal well beings as well as for the greatest good of the greatest number.

Our knowledge of history is derived from oral traditions, relics, and written records.

The progress of man passed through different stages, from the lowest stage of savagery and barbarism to civilization. These stages of development are reflected by, and named after, the tools, which he has used. Thus, these stages are named the Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, and the Age of Metals.

The progress made by man as slow and irregular. Man’s progress shows how he has steadily gained control of the gifts and forces of nature.

Culture is the result of man’s efforts to satisfy his wishes, needs, and desires. Culture grows through inventions. It mat be spread through contact with others, colonization, travel, adventure, and conquest.

Man is superior to animals because of his special mental powers. He has certain advantages over other creatures.

Man has laid the foundation of civilization in politics, economics, religions, education, philosophy, and art.

The peoples of the Ancient East improved their ways of living and built great civilizations. The peoples that built these civilizations were the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Phoenicians, the Hebrews, the Persians, the Hindus, the Japanese, and the Chinese.

We owe the peoples of the ancient East and the Far East the beginnings and rudiments of our civilization. We ought to remember the development of nations, development of governments, development of religion, development of literature, development of arts, development of sciences, development of communication, development of economic life, and the development of education.

The culture and civilization of the peoples of the ancient East and Far East were spread through conquests and commerce.


Monday, November 12, 2007

A Glimpse of the Past - Introduction

For this month I am going to journey the past of man’s living. Starting from early civilization until the present.

I know the most of us are still students and still studying the most boring subject, HISTORY. Why is there need for study of man’s progress in the past as well as in the present? The history of the past is nothing than the story of man’s struggle for existence. We need to know how our forebears lived in the past and what they did to improve their living conditions. That struggle for existence is continuous to the present. And if it is interesting to know how man lived in the past, it is equally so today; for, knowing how progress has been attained through struggle, we would be able to appreciate the problem that man faces today.

History is just a record of what has done and what man is striving to do today. Man is a social being, and, as such, he lives in association with others in a social group. And history tells us how different human associations rose and fell, together with the causes of their rise and fall.

We know very little of the early human society and how it built its civilization, because of the scanty records left from the past. We learn of the early man only through traditions, relics, and writings handed down to us from the past. Stories transmitted to us by word of mouth; relics in the form of tool, weapons, and utensils, and written records consisting of edicts issued by rulers, treaties, laws, tablets, books, and documents – all these constitutes the bases of our knowledge of the men of the past.

We find that man has passed through different stages of development. The earliest and simplest stage resembled that form of life not much higher than that of the beasts. The earliest man depended on nature for both his food and shelter. Man depended on wild animals and plants for his food. He roamed the fields and forest far and wide for his living, and took refuge in caves for his shelter.

This is just a start of our journey.


Monday, November 5, 2007

A pardon of relief??

October 26, 2007, Friday, exactly 3:39 p.m., Former President Joseph Estrada has accepted the pardon given directly by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This sudden occurence had brought shockwaves throughout the archipelago of the seven thousand islands of the Philippines. This is not what we have expected. This is too abrupting for all filipinos wether pro-administration or pro-opposition. Kahit aku eh napanganga ng nalaman ku ang balitang ito. At even hanggang ngayon na more than a week na, halos lahat ng tao sa pilipinas ay pinaguusapan ang isyung ito. Kaso naman kasi nakakashock naman talaga.

According sa mga news, kaya binigyan ni PGMA si Estrada ng executive clemency kasi raw ay para makasama na ni Estrada ang kanayang ina. At hindi daw dapat ito lagyan ng kahit anu mang malisya ang kanyang ibinigay na pardon. At naniwala naman kayo? Eh look at it clearly and deeply! Haven't you notice? It is so obvious na after naging guilty si Erap ay binigyan agad ni PGMA ng pardon si Erap. Nakakapagtaka diba. Kaya niya ito pinatawan ng executive clemency si Estrada ay para linisin ang kanyang pangalan at para maibalik sa kanya ang magandang pagtingin ng taong-masa. But this doesn't mean na kumakampi aku kay Erap ha. Naniniwala din kasi aku na may kasalanan din si Erap na dapat niyang pagbayaran.
Ang mga tangang taong masa naman ay nagsisiyahan sa nangyari. Hindi nila naisip kung anu ang mga magyayari after sa pardon. Ipinagmalaki pa ni Erap si PGMA sa kanyang speech sa lungsod ng San Juan.
Maling - mali ang ginawa ni PGMA. This have stolen the Filipino’s sense of pride and trust that the legal system works. Eh kailangan na din bigyan pala ang mga lesser thieves ng EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY. As Fidel V. Ramos said:
"…All Filipinos are stakeholders in this case,.."
FVR is truthfully right. Nang dahil sa pangyayaring ito, dadami ang kurakot sa ating Inang Bayan. Parang sinabi ni PGMA na : "Hala.. It is for all of you. It's all for free. Just steal and steal and steal, and i will pardon you. No need to worry. I am the law.."
But just recently, Erap have proclaimed that he will support the impeachment movement against PGMA. According kay Erap, kailangan daw malaman ng taumbayan ang katotohanan about the controversies surrounding the Arroyo administration.

"Yes I will support the impeachment complaint. Of course it is important that there should be closure to all the issues surrounding the administration like the 'Hello Garci,' the fertilizer scam. It is important that the taxpayers be informed where the money they pay the government goes," Estrada said.

Pare-pareho lang kayo. Puro kurakot at kurapsiyon. San na ba ang ang pag - asa?

Sinu ba ang tama? Sinu ba ang mali?

Tama ba ang pagbigay ng pardon kay Erap?

Makakatulong ba sa sambayanan ang pagkakapardon ni Erap?

...o makakasama lang ito?

Photo Courtesy to: Stress Management Tips


Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Blood..!!

huhuhu !!

hay naku!!

meron na po akung failing grade !! (fertie)!!!

first time po tong nangyari sa akin!! at nkakalungkot talaga!! di ku kasi iniexpect !! huhuhu!! okei lng nmn sana pero meron kasi akung scholarship!! nkkiyak tlga! huhuhu!!

pero im looking at the bright side.. marami kaming failed !! waaa !!!! tatlo lng kasi ang nakapasa !! eheheh!!! ndi na aku one of the regulars !! huhuhu!! di na aku magiging cum laude !! huhuhu!!!

napaka ambisiyoso ku anu! !



pero nagpapasalamat din aku kasi natapos na din ung mga projects para sa lahat ng mga subjects namin! thank mga sir at mga ma'am !! ehehe!!! hay salamat!! kasi 5 araw kaming walang tulog ng mga kagrupo ku!! ehehe !!

sana next sem di na aku mababagsak!! please lord !! huhuhu!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

School Stuff

hayst !!

yan lng talaga ang masasabi ku !!

eh kc naman .. kahit tpos na ang klase.. eh di nmn kami tpos sa paggawa ng mga subject requirements.. eto tlgang mga prof.. hay naku !! ewan ku kung bakit talaga kami pinapahirapan.. !! eheheh.. !! sigutu gs2 nila tlaga matuto kami.. anu? hmmm.. pero ang hirap naman kc ng mga pipapagawa nila.. ehehe.. parang di namin kaya gawin na with in one month.. hayst !

ang hirap hirap maging estudyante.. naku nmn !!

pero, i will do my best !! para makapag graduate !! ehehe ! sana !

sumday magiging prof din aku.. at ipapatikim ku sa kanila ang aking mga napagadaanang hirap..!!

hayst! eto lng muna ung post ku! laro muna aku ng flyff.



Wednesday, September 19, 2007


hay naku!! naku naku nkau talaga!!

di ku na tlga kaya ito !! gosh biruin niyo sabay sabay ang major projects ng major subjects namin!! wala talagang patawad tong mga teachers namin.

actually kakatapos ku lang ngaun sa paggawa ng phase 1 sa HRM information system design. Tapos itutuloy ko naman yung di na tapos na executive summary para sa ISDP (information system development plan) ng p****ng company namin. ayaw na nila magpainterview. hay naku! tapos, tatapusin ko naman yung accounting system namin para sa 24-hour convinience store!! hello! kung matapos!! naku!! meron pang databse 3 na sobrang s**t !! dapat yung exercises eh madali!! nashock aku!! dapat daw i transfer namin sa MYSQL yung ginawa namin na system sa VFP !! my god !! tapos may final project pa !! anu ito!! pagpapakamtay??

panu na ang autoshop?? hahaha !! it will miss me!!

hahayst!! sunggo sunggo sunggo!!

siguru ganyan talaga ang buhay! minsan masaya minsan hindi (ang drama nuh??)

good luck na lang sa ating lahat!! hahah !!

Monday, September 17, 2007

the Insane Horseman II

damn.. !! i have never been like this. should i need to stop my heartbeat? i am too confused with my being !! i am too full with dreams that i shouldn't be dreaming. whats happening to me?? this is not me? this is someone else. help me. i am drowning. this feeling... it is really unusual. what shall i do? should i keep myself like this forever? is there an antidote with this virus? no? then, shall i be dead by then? after i have been through? just like this? nooooo... i need to keep myself steady. steady as just the wind flapping like wings. wings? do i have wings? no i dont have wings. do i need wings to fly? i want to fly? no flying is not my forte. what's forte? oh.. i am running out of time..

could you define "define"?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Memoirs in my Elementary Days

Experince el major en su vida! Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. Experiences are the happenings in our lives. It made us changed into a better person. Here are one of my best experiences.

Confidence. I once had been a coward myself when it comes to performance. Being in a big state and facing the massive audience makes my legs shaky. That means I am frightened when I’m in front of many people. Even in my close friends, I still cannot bare myself to be in a normal state, I always feel nervous. But not until I had this experience. This occurrence changed my personality and boosts my self-confidence.

It was Monday afternoon. I’m still a fifth grader and very fresh for firsthand knowledge. But I still was unconfident and uncertain. Listening to my history teacher was the most uninteresting and the most bromidic thing to do, but not before when someone knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock!

Everybody stared at the visitor even our teacher whom she did not want someone disturbing her class. The unexpected person was Ms. Jane Allala, the head of the English department.

“Yes, Miss Allala?”, our teacher asked with a plastic smile. “What do you want from this class?”

“Before I proceed to my course in here. Ma’am,” she answered back, I would like to say good afternoon to everyone.”

“GOOD AFTERNOON, MISS ALLALA.” All of us simultaneously said.

“Well, thank you!”, she replied. “Well, I have here the list of the representatives to body forth our school for the upcoming Speech fest ’99, a literary competition,” she paused, “and apparently one of your students luckily have been chosen to be the contestant for the two crafts,” everybody was stunned, “the craft ‘Pagsasalita’ and craft ‘One-on-One’. He will be immediately trained by sincerely yours. His name is,’ she paused again but this time it is rather protract and extensive, there was no single hush, “Mr. Mark Van Buladaco.”

Did I hear my name? Or was it just my wild imagination? If my memory serves me right, I do not have a hearing disorder or any auditory illness. So, that means, I had really heard my name. The name she mentions was veritably mine. My God! This is an unexpected and surprising situation.

“Where is he?”, Miss Allala asked.

I raised my hand tensely.

“Please stand. So that I could easily identify you.”

I stood nervously.

“We will start our practice tomorrow at my office at exactly five in the afternoon. Did you get that?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

That was just the start. The practice was so enjoyable and I had learned so much. Until the most waited day comes. My first craft was held at the gymnasium of Kapitan Thomas Monteverde Sr. Central Elementary School. When we were approaching the venue, I thought my heart would momentarily burst. My perspiration was cold and my head was spinning. I think I need medicine nausea. As we entered, together with my coach, I’m still nervous and my hand decreased its temperature. I am contestant number five. When my number was called, I stood in front and performed. I think I’m going to die. But I have no choice. I finished my craft with pride. Then, the audience clapped. I had standing ovation. I bowed and sat on the backside of the stage. I was still shaking but I realized that I was smiling. Then, I arrived cachinnating.

From that, I had gained and acquired self-confidence that helped me with my proceeding contests and would guide me for the future.

Fear. I was dreaming.

I was in the edge of a cliff staring at the empty and vast space. The wind was smooth. The sky was clear and the ambiance was cool. All was right. It was paradise. The feeling was so light. I was like flying without wings. Then, suddenly someone thruster me from my back. I toppled out of the precipice. I realized I was falling. Ahhhh! I screamed.

I woke up. That was scary! I thought.

It was a Sunday morning, I was still a child. I looked at my window and smiled. The day was perfect. The sky is blue, the air is relaxing and everything was all right. All is positive. Just like in my dream. My dream? I cannot remember my dream. It simply faded away my memory. I came back to reality when someone knocked on the door and opened it. It was my mother.

“Mark, take your shower now because we are going to a carnival with your sister.” She said.

I abruptly went to the restroom. I changed into my best clothes and fixed myself properly. Once we were in the carnival, I gazed my eyes on all rides, stalls and etcetera. There were many sights to stare at. But the one that struck me most was the colossal Ferris wheel. I was terrified and scared. I will not ride with that thing! I thought. I mean it!

But my mother still insists. I had no choice but to ride in that horrible nightmare vessel. Once I stepped on the carriage, my heartbeat gets faster and I felt nervous when I sat down. Then, the nightmare had begun. It started moving clockwise slowly. I was really frozen on my spot. My freaky dream was coming into life. I am going to die. Help! Help! Help! When our carriage arrives at the highest part, I had vomited, my face was white and I was feeling like a spindle. But when it turns back again, I unexpectedly and merely enjoyed it. Yes! I have conquered my fear of heights.

I was thankful with that experience. It was made me better and strong person.

Well, thess experiences really helped me to be strong and now I can face the world with pride.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

NOse BLEEd !!!

NOse Bleed!! oh yes!! just an hour ago i took my midterm exam in MANEGERIAL and
i really didn't expect such exam! huhuhu !! and we only have 2 hours!! huhu!!
but there is a good side somehow!! we will not be having any classes any more! no more exams! no more quizzes! nothing! but she (ms. ella rogers) will give us a major project!! an ACCOUNTING SYSTEM!!

diba maam!!! hahahaha


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

oh lunar!

"oh luna, why did you leave me alone? i need you badly. oh luna, please stay! i cannot live my life without you. you are my soul, my body, my life. luna, i love you. please dont leave me."
- enchantress

just a few minutes ago, i am staring head sky above the starry night. the moon has changed its color, it becam brightly yellow red. gosh! well, i knew at once what's happening. we are having a lunar eclipse. weeew! ehe!

according to

"A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth's shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, the Moon is always full during a lunar eclipse. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes. The most recent total lunar eclipse was on 3 and 4 March 2007. The next one will occur on 28 August 2007."

well, based on the definition, i think it is clear that it is a lunar eclipse.

hmmm.. is there any superstitious beliefs about lunar eclipse or when lunar eclipse happen?

here are some theories and stories:

  1. The Chaldæans were careful observers of eclipses, and Berosus believed that when the moon was obscured she turned to us her dark side.
  2. Anaximenes said that her mouth was stopped. Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, and the Mathematicians said that she fell into conjunction with the bright sun.
  3. Anaxagoras of Clazomenæ (born B.C. 499) was the first to explain the eclipse of the moon as caused by the shadow of the earth cast by the sun. But he was as one born out of due time. We are all familiar with the use made by students of unfulfilled prophecyof every extraordinary occurrence in nature, such as the sudden appearance of a comet, an earthquake, an eclipse, etc.
  4. We know how mysteriously they interpret those simple passages in the Bible about the sun being darkened and the moon being turned into blood. If they were not wilfully blind, such facts as are established by the following quotations would open their eyes to the errors in their exegesis.
  5. the lunar eclipse is the most terrible phenomena to heathens was an eclipse of the sun or moon, which they associated with a destruction of all things and the end of the world.
  6. The Indian belief is that a serpent eats up the sun and moon when they arc eclipsed, or a demon devours them.
  7. To this day the Hindoos consider that a giant lays hold of the luminaries and tries to swallow them. The Chinese call the solar eclipse zhishi (solis devoratio), the lunar yueshi (lunæ devoratio), and ascribe them both to the machinations of a dragon. Nearly all the populations of Northern Asia hold the same opinion.
  8. The Finns of Europe, the Lithuanians, and the Moors in Africa, have a similar belief." Flammarion says: "Among the ancient nations people used to come to the assistance of the moon, by making a confused noise with all kinds of instruments, when it was eclipsed.
  9. In America the idea is that the sun and moon are tired when they are eclipsed. But the more refined Greeks believed for a long time that the moon was bewitched, and that the magicians made it descend from heaven to put into the herbs a certain maleficent froth
there are many more..

but i dont believe in such superstitions about lunar eclipses.

for more information about superstitions of lunar eclipses just click here.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

the insane horseman

from celebacy of my youth. i have never been so fraud to everyone or to anyone. i have just been timid to everything or to anything. but why would i accept myself for something that can cause my everything to become an anything. this might have any problem to my speech communication, isn't it? propensities of it, yet destructible, have been shared and sheered by everyone in everything. what am i supposed to do? am i blind? am i deaf? am i mute? or am i just insane? oh yes, insanity is my middle name i guess. though i'm perfectly designed by my gene origins, i still have imperfections. why is that? is there something depriving to someone? or maybe to everyone? oh no.. am i really going crazy? or is this just a test of faith? faith to whom? to GOD? hmmm .. who's GOD? i have never heard of him. is he an action star? oh maybe a comedianne? no? so who is he? is he a girl? are they friends with mother nature? or maybe he's just a simple person with a simple life. why am i talking about GOD? is he really that important to be talked about? propensities of this universe have never been changed since the big bang. big bang? is it made by a gun? thus it concerns with the rotation of saturn? saturn, my favorite planet. when can i go there? have gone there? is there really rings on each volvanos? are there water source emanating in the insides of saturn? thus it relates to you? maybe i am not the one who is insane? i guess its you..

is this insanity?


Friday, August 24, 2007

ceve echla mut revabebe? [in tagalog] "bat ba aku cute?"

bat nga ba aku cute?? gusto ko talaga malaman ang dahilan? san ba galing ang akung kakacutan? kasi, sabi ng mama ku cute daw aku!! eh totoo naman diba! halata naman sa mga pics ku! cute tlga aku.. bat ba may mga taong di sumasang-ayon sa aking pagkacute? (siguro insecure lalo na si kuya jhez! haha) uu nga.. bakit ba di nila matanggap-tanggap ang kacutan ku? bakit nga bah! eh cute naman talaga aku ah. anu problema dun? sa pagkakaintindi ko wala naman problema dun! kasi cute aku! bat di kayo sumsang-ayon? hahay..

sana malaman ku na kung bakit cute aku?? masasagot niyo bah?? in 1000 words ha! hahaha


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Untitled !! (hmm)

im here at playnet right now.. im skipping my afternoon class (OPERATIONS RESEARCH). hahah.. i skip because it is tradition to our controversial divided-tongue teacher (Mr. RC)that every after class we will not have any classes so its just like being in a class while skipping.. confused? me too!! hahaha

playing again my favorite rpg online game!! TALES of the PIRATES.

hahah ! oh well.. maybe tonight i will post a very deep and senseless blog.. i know you're bored tight now or u have fallen asleep reading this blog!! hahaha..

promise.. mamaya !!! hehhe..

cge ... ciaoo !

nothin to do !! [multitasking effect]

my god !!
ehehe... ! oh well, im here again !! as always, (as f someone will care)!! hahaha!! but i dont care if nobody cared if im here!! hahaha !!
actually im playing this amusing game... an rpg online game called TALES OF THE PIRATES .. its about being a pirate and experiencing so many adventures.. this game is just like any other rpg that its prime purpose is to kill monsters and level-up !! eheheh... but it makes so unique is , the characters are so cute ! (haaaay! Like meh ! ahah)... try this game.. hmmm. i am really amused.. and hope u will too !! haha !!
well till ryt here!!
i hope you have a great day today !! just like meh !! hahahah !!! ciao!! ciawarma !!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A buzz !!

here i am again !! writing !! i cant think of anything right now actually !! to tell you the truth i am not good in expressing through words !! hehehe !! why do blog ? duh !! never mind ...


oh well, i just read the latest case study in one of my subjects (manegerial and accounting). duh !


oh well.. another day of writing solutions for this damn case !!

hmmmm... i have nothing to do !! i need to answer this or else i will got a grade of FAILING !! hahaah!! my worst nightmare is to have a FAILING grade!! i wont let that happen to me ! never in my whole life !! hahahah...

till right here... i will start on my case study first.. ciao !!


Life: a VIEW

Life has been really tricky. like what others are saying,"La vida no es dulce, es amargo"("Life is not sweet, it is bitter"). Struggling from infancy up to the present,i still haven't found the true meaning of life. i still journey inside my cranium to find my goal. Autonomous perceptions and views have done no help. Friends and even my family gave nothing. Shattered with precious memories and profound dreams, i have been transformed into a stronger person. Una persona mas fuerte.As Socrates once said, "Know thyself".
Propensities and coincidences had passed but i am still lost. But, where am I going? What is the right path?Is this only an assay for me?
My propinquity to the divine truth is quite vast. Sheared with neatness of determination I armored to defend myself from monstrous lies.My mind and heart battle for supremacy.I just wanted to know the truth, the meaning of life, to be satisfied. Pero como? But how?
Now, I simply live the most of my life and I hope someday the answers i want will come into life.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why we Hate E-mails?

Electronic-mailing is a way of composing, sending, storing, receiving personal or public messages to a recipient using the Internet over electronic communications system.

Om Malik’s apprehensions and perceptions with e-mailing is a bit of an exaggeration for me. He cited points that are a little out ways on the overhand of it. But he has a point, a very gist point that will interpenetrate the minds of people who are using e-mailing. I will admit that, while e-mail has some wonderful advantages, it isn't exactly without its pitfalls. We have a whole generation of workers coming through the ranks now who don't have the communication skills that many before us had. The art of conversation is undoubtedly dying and the business world will suffer as a result. E-mail surely have some problems concerning of spam, spam junk, and the likes. You received useless messages such as updates from socialization sites (Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Multiply and etc.), invitation to school pranksters sites, spam about everyone is watching NBA (as if I care!) and everybody is watching SREA (what is SREA all about!?), mails about a new found fossil egg, and the other unwanted messages. This is in such reasons of that e-mail can received messages that tend to be an alien message. But there are phenomena on the usefulness of e-mail. These are spamming and e-mail worms. Spamming is unsolicited commercial e-mail. Because of the very low cost of sending e-mail, spammers can send hundreds of millions of e-mail messages each day over an inexpensive Internet connection. Hundreds of active spammers sending this volume of mail results in information overload for many computer users who receive tens or even hundreds of junk messages each day. E-mail worms use e-mail as a way of replicating themselves into vulnerable computers. Although the first e-mail worm affected computers, the problem is most common today on the more popular Microsoft Windows operating system. E-mails are having privacy problems also without the security precautions, it can be compromised. E-mail messages are generally not encrypted and have to go through intermediate computers before reaching their destination, meaning it is relatively easy for others to intercept and read messages. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) store copies of your e-mail messages on their mail servers before they are delivered. The backups of these can remain up to several months on their server, even if you delete them in your mailbox and the Received: headers and other information in the e-mail can often identify the sender, preventing anonymous communication. Malik’s words are deafening to the ear of e-mail lovers. But he is still right. E-mail is slowly killing the Internet usage into its deepest concerns. Being aware of the limitations is half the battle in making sure that your e-mails are clear and result in what you intended, not what someone else thought you might have intended.

E-mails are useful but it can be a vicious killer application of Internet. It could worsen the infrastructure of the Web because of billions of spasm and e-mail worms that are multiplying right under the nose of e-mail users.


Davao Cyber Expo

Davao Cyber Expo has been a great success. Information has been distributed through a technological manner. The Expo wants to inform the people, especially students that we are in a technology era now. We cannot just hang around and wait for nothing. Davao Cyber Expo wants to say to students that they should be aware of all the new technologies, such as: application softwares, online role playing games, web designing software.

I, for myself, have experience a couple of the fun games in the expo. I have played the game called Audition. This is an online role-playing game. The game is all about dancing and turning up the tune by just stroking the right key that the game needed. It was a great experience and I have been planning to continue it if I had time.

After that, I have listened with the seminar about new software and games of the industry (as a requirement). I have learned new things, first is the new three-dimensional object editor and video enhancement. I was amazed on how interactively edits the three-dimensional object. Then, there is this new game called, Granado Espada. This game is also an online role-playing game. It is about choosing a character, killing monsters and enhancing skills. Lastly, there is a lecture on the new Acrobat Reader. Many services have offered in this new software of Adobe. I was astonished with the tools that can be used. The speaker has been very flexible with his lecture. He called some volunteers (I was hoping I was one of them, but I’m not) for a practice and if they have do it correctly he gave them books which he have written.

We, as a dabaweño, should be very proud of this Expo because we are granted as one of the first to conduct a lecture and seminar about the said event. There have been so much to learn and I cannot wait when will be the next Davao Cyber Expo. And I also wish I will be, someday, one of the speakers of such seminar like the Expo.


Internet Downtime

Downtime have been a big problem in the Internet world which causes a large amount of money loss of the companies that relies on their online services. Pacific Solutions Philippines have made an Internet Solution for this issue which is, Optimaxx. This is a business continuity solution that is Filipino-made since it was developed under the unique requirements and situation in the country. Internet downtime can be defined as a period or a percentage of span of time that the Internet is not functioning or as we commonly called it as offline, are quickly irritable in some enterprise because it will have a damaging effect of serious economic impact. This might result for money loss that will reached up to millions of dollars. 24-hour services will be much affected including medical transactory informatics, online news reporting, weather coverage, electronic-commerce, and persistent online gaming. Downtimes are a normal experienced by 78% of the population. It generally occurs one to three times in a month and would normally take up to four hours per month to restore. This really a big thing to solve. Certain amount of time that is considered in order for the restoration of Internet service.

Banks, both local and international, will also be a great affection on downtimes. Several banking transaction online will be loss. Economic status of these banks will have a degrading result, small revenues and critical status of the company. This will be a big problem to the country's economic standing.

As for me, Internet downtime is a chaos in the web world. But i think downtime played an important role in the Internet world. Everything has limitations and weaknesses, this includes. Internet needs time to rest from transmitting data and communicating informations. And this, i think, is a necessity of the Internet.

Pacific Internet is the largest telecommunications independent Internet communications service provider in all Asia Pacific region with the undeviating assemblage in Philippines, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. They are the one who is responsible for the downtime problem. With their Optimaxx as “premium” Internet solution, downtimes will decreased in time. The designed service and programs of Optimaxx will ensure unparalleled utmost and maximum network online availability for clients and costumers that has applications which cannot stand with hash less because to downtimes. This also helps maintain the service availability, achieve optimal routing, and fortify their Internet resiliency. It will also help for the elimination of expenses in relation to storage of their business processes and productivity losses when personnels are unable to run their databases, receive emails or process orders of sales, online hotel reservation and the likes.

Thus, Pacific Internet solution is a big help to the Internet world. Filipinos should be proud because it originated from Pacific Internet Philippines. This is a big development for the industry of service providers.

Photo Credits to: Nagios



Hacking is the act of forfeiting individual freedom of action or professional integrity in exchange for wages or other assured reward. Computer Hacking is a crime as the laws have stated. Someone caught hacking will be imprisoned for a certain number of years. Hacking has been a practice to programmers, whom have great minds, for a protest or rebellion to the government or private companies. But it cannot be easily to identify a hacker, so difficulties on it.

In concerns with Victor Faur, I think NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) have reached their limitations and boundaries. I agree with Mr. Faur, computers are really vulnerable and assailable when an attack or an outbreak will be made. Faur just wanted to reach out people or the public those NASA computers or supercomputers are all weak and frail on some terms. If it is not vulnerable, Faur would not have break through top security system of NASA.

In legal terms, I guessed Faur have broken the law. It is illegal in some terms if you consider the laws and policies that have been regulated by the law. But in layman’s point of view, Faur did the right thing. Faur also wanted to stretch out his knowledge and test it out. He has made something important and vital to mankind and the world of technology.

I guess hacking is not the right word for Faur’s actions. It is too devilish and unrighteous to accuse someone that is out of bounds. I surmise cracking is most likely to be considered and acceptable enough for his actions. Hacking is when you have reached the limitations (modifications and erasing files).

Thus, as for my own point of view with due concerns of Mr. Victor Faur did, I believe that he just did the right thing: to show to the world how vulnerable computers are not only in NASA but in the whole globe.


Start of something new

hello everyone!!

this is my first time to post a blog .. !

i really feel excited right now .. !

i dont know what to write and speak up.. hmmmm let's start with my Blog title .. ! Never give up ! duh ! so dramatic ! but it seems that it converege the significance of it in my experiences in life.. Failures and success, that's the way of life. just like the wheel of a jeepney. sometimes your on the higher grounds but more often your down.

eheheheh.. ! see! it is so dramatic ! god !

but its life.. !

well, this is my first post.. i should start with a flick of somthing unusual !! hahahaha !! let's see ! hope you enjoy my blog !!

just email me:
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