Saturday, December 29, 2007

Datu Bago 2005 Reunion December 2007

I have been extremely excited for the reunion. So, that's why I prepared for it. I bought a short and a pair of slipper to coincide with my cloth i will wear for the event. The color motif of our reunion is color green. Then, December 28 came. I woke very early (i guess it was 6:35 am). I grab all the necessities which includes the clothes i will wear, cellphone, wallet, and snacks. The venue is Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort which is located at Lanang, Davao City. Our orientation area is at Caltex Gas Station corner R. Castillo and Lanang Road.

We have been grouped into three teams (Blue, Yellow, Orange). Fortunately, I belong to the Yellow group (but I guess I was unfortunate in a sense that all of us are slightly not so competitive. The first game is the improvised Amazing Race. We ended 3rd (as expected). For more info just visit Jed's Site.
I did not expect that our reunion would be as grand as more than I imagined. The food was so great. I cannot even stand after the lunch. The games were fabulous. Everybody enjoyed it. I swear. I am looking forward for the next reunion. A big thanks to the organizers especially to Jed, Al, Ilsea, Angelie, Matet and Martha.
For more photos just click here

Time may only pass, but our hearts will still remain.


Love Waves

It is a natural human inclination to go into deep thoughts of tenderness, happy memories, and tear of joy over someone. But, hey, did you know that love waves don’t deal with emotions? Love waves are related to geophysics and earthquakes; therefore, they’re serious business.
The term “love waves” is named after British geophysicist Augustus E. H. Love. Different kinds of seismic waves re produced by the deformation of rock materials. Love waves refer to one type of surface seismic waves, which are generated by earthquakes. The other type is called body waves. They are primary waves and shear waves.
When either primary waves or shear waves got stuck, love waves do follow. Love waves cause rock to move horizontally.
As oppose to lose waves the surface seismic waves are called Rayleigh waves. The term Rayleigh waves is named after John Railey, a physicist form Great Britain. Rayleigh waves cause rock to move in a circular motion generally along the same direction as either the primary waves or shear waves.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bug Talk

Let’s talk biology. I need to calm down studying on computers, softwares and hardwares. My head would crack open if I would always talk about them. Let us talk about bugs. I know everyone of us do not like bugs at all.
Bugs annoy you right? This annoyance may probably cease or lessen by knowing the importance of bugs in our everyday life. In fact, we couldn’t live without them. Are you surprised?
Bug is the common name for insects belonging to the Heteroptera order. Majority are plant feeders; many are predators. Examples of bugs are bees, ladybugs, worms, spiders, beetles, doodlebug, and bedbug.
You may find bugs yucky and disgusting, but they are necessary in keeping our planet healthy. They clean up and recycle nature. They religiously do their part in order to put balance in our natural environment. Worms, for instance, are very helpful. They eat their way through dirt and leave behind rich soil that plants love.
Bees are essential also. They travel from flower to flower, gathering pollen to make honey. They spread pollen to other plants as well. These plants can then make seeds thereby more and more plants will grow.
Spiders may look scary, but their significance will amaze you. They eat bugs that are harmful to human life such as mosquitoes and flies. We all know that mosquitoes and flies spread disease-causing germs. Scientists have a theory that spiders eat in about a year weigh as much as all the people on earth. Come to think about it: Spiders are equally entertaining. When you see spiders spin its web, you are watching a real life adventure. How about that for a change, huh?
Don’t get bugged with bugs. This is easy to do by keeping in mind that bugs are very useful to other living things such as humans and animals. Each time you come across a harmless bug, don’t hurt them. Don’t kill them. Be kind to them. Be assured, however, that you will benefit from your act of kindness towards them.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

List of Gifts I Received

I really felt the essence of Christmas when i already received my gifts. I do have received quite a few gifts from my family, relatives and friends. Here are my gifts:

1. All - star pair of shoe (but imitation) - from my ninang r.
2. Bohol shirt - from my Lola Norms
3. Fashion Bracelt - from tita grace
4. White Bracelet - from a special friend.
5. Molecules shirt - from my ninong.
6. Fashion necklace - from my Lola Mila

That's all. Oh well. I hope next year the number of gifts i would receive should increase.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Silence of Christmas

December 24, 2007, Christmas Eve, just like any other ones. People are busy in shopping and doing grocery for the noche buena. Rushing to palengkes to buy the some necessities for midnight. Me? I just went downtown to buy myself a gift. It is just a pair of shoe, nothing expensive though. Then, I went home.
A vast three years ago, the emperor of our city declared to ban the fireworks and any other paputok that can cause harm to people. Yes, it is a fact that because of fireworks, an increase of accidents, cuts, injuries and etc. has occurred during Christmas. The first reaction of the public was affirmatively negative. What’s Christmas without fireworks? How can we celebrate without them? These are just quite a few of the questions that aroused during that year. But as years had passed, people just seemingly accept the enforced policy. This city ordinance has been quietly imposing fairly well for three years until now, or IS IT REALLY THAT FAIR? Today, as I was walking towards home, I realized how silent the city is. The streets are like ghost towns, so silent indeed. It is extremely different with the other cities. I am not uprising a rebellion here against the imperialism of our government. Mmmm. I’m just wondering how different we are? How silent we are? Is this really what we want during Christmas?
Oh well, I’m still happy though. I am excited for our small noche buena (rice, afritada, spaghetti, macaroni salad, and a cake, Yeah!). It is almost twelve, just a few minutes and it is Christmas. My mom is calling me now to help her prepare. A merry Christmas to all.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Art of Flunking Exams

So many tips have been given on how to pass examinations. So, why don’t we reverse situation? Let us follow the steps to master the “Art of Flunking Exams”.
  1. Do not come to school regularly. Always be absent or else, always be late. You will surely become a superstar ‘cause your teacher will always ask of you and you will have your classmates’ eyes on you each time you come to school. But what is more exciting is that, you will become a member of SWAT or Samahan ng mga Walang Answers sa Test.

  1. Do not study your daily lessons. Just like the saying goes: All work and no play makes little Jack a dull boy. So, why work hard to pass the examination? If you pass, your father may push you to study even more. But if you fail, he may ask you to drop out. If he does, then what a grand vacation! No teacher to prod or push you; no homeworks and no exams!

  1. Do not review at all before examination. When your classmates are busy reviewing for a coming examination, just fool around. Laugh, dance and sing! See a movie or watch TV till late at night. If you do these, you will surely fail. But at least, for the meantime that test results are not yet known, your classmates may think you are a genius. Now, isn’t it great to be mistaken for a genius even for a while?

  1. If you must review, practice cramming. If you do not review at all, your conscience may bother you for your laziness. So, make a compromise. Review somehow. But review only the night before the exams. Try to put into your head, in one sleepless night, what would normally take you one or more two months to put in. you will find out that, come examination time, you will be as groggy as a drunk. Now, how in the world can a student like this still pass even the easiest examination?

  1. Keep your eyes on your seatmate’s test paper. In other words, just copy! But be sure to copy even the commas, periods and erasures. If you do, the teacher will soon find out and when she does, you will not only fail. You may also be suspended for a week or two. And isn’t that an exciting vacation.

  1. Do not follow directions. If the directions ask for a “yes” or “no” answer, write “true” or “false”. If the direction says, “Encircle the correct answer”, put an “X” instead. In this way, you will also fail. But at least, hindi masyadong pahiya.

If you must fail in an examination, be sure you also fail in other areas like the recitation, projects and behavior. Then, you will have failing grade on your report card. To fail and then repeat the subject is enjoyable, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve got a big crush on your teacher!

These tips are sure ways on hot not to pass the exams. But remember that, as Oscar Wilde says, “Ideas are not responsible for the people who believe in them!”


Monday, December 17, 2007

Fuerza Ascensional


How Ships Float?

A pebble tossed in a pond will surely sink to the bottom. Even our five-centavo coin will not float in water. What is amazing is how ship, made of steel and is very heavy, can float in water.

The answer lies in a principle discovered by Archimedes 2200 years ago. Archimedes is a Greek mathematician who lived in Syracuse. One day as he was getting into the bath, he noticed that as he lowered himself into the tub, water was displaced over the sides. According to the story, he run naked into the street yelling “Eureka!” (I found it!). What he found was the principle of buoyancy – that the object will float when the weight of water displaces equals its own weight. What he discovered was not how ships float, but which is denser, gold or silver. This helped him determine whether the king’s crown was made of pure gold or had silver in it.

For the ship to float, it must displace a volume of water as heavy as its weight. One thing that must be considered also is how the weight is distributed. A chunk of steel put on the surface of a pond will sink. But if the same chunk is shaped into a bowl, it will float. This is because of the bowl’s weight is spread over a wider area. This same principle applies with the ship.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Boring Day!!

10:00 am – Time to wake up. I’m still sleepy actually. I cannot even recognize myself in my mirror. I thought I am a football superstar. But when my consciousness went back, I suddenly realized that I was daydreaming.

11:35 am – This is my breakfast-lunch time during Sundays. It is actually a combination of my appetizers, breakfast, morning snack and lunch with dessert. So, during this time I would transform into a meat-eating cute beast.

11:45 am – Toothbrush. I got a big swelly belly, so don’t get confused why I eat so fast with an enormous meal.

12:00 noon – T.V. (no matter what!!!).

1:30 pm – I decided to visit the barbershop and cut my hair (literally!! Just joking!!). But I really have a trim, which the barber called “slash trim”. It went out cute!! As usual and as expected with me.

2:30 pm – I went to the mall for strolling. I was expecting a lot of people today ‘cause its family day. But I was wrong; there were more than a lot of people. I think it’s because of the outrushing Christmas “shopping” spirit. And there were an inter-school band competition. I just leisurely walked in and out of stores.

4:00 pm – I felt tired walking around the mall. So I just made my mind to play my fave online game, FLYFF. Just inside the mall. I was just complaining with their price, which is 20/hour. Such a greedy Internet cafĂ©!! But I don’t have anything to do. They already logged me in.

6:00 pm – After several boring hours of such eternal boredom, I just decided to go home.



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eight Ways to Ditch an UNWANTED LOVER!!

  1. Tell her that you’ve been promoted so you will have very little time for any friends for the next size weeks/months/years.
  2. Say you’re too preoccupied with your own problems to be decent friend to anyone.
  3. Explain that you want a six-month break from her because your friendship is so intense; it’s taking too much out of you.
  4. Confess that you don’t think that you’ve been able to be a good friend to her and you want her to find someone else to befriend her.
  5. Tell her straight that you don’t think the friendship is working out, but stress that it’s no-one’s fault. It’s just one of those things.
  6. Gradually, withdraw: don’t answer her calls and don’t initiate any contact. She’ll assume that you’ve just drifted apart. If she’s still too thick-skinned, change your number.
  7. Decline every invitation she extends to you, no matter how entertaining it is.
  8. Lastly, be honest but kind: say that you feel you’ve grown apart and that you could both find better friendship elsewhere.

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