Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Silence of Christmas

December 24, 2007, Christmas Eve, just like any other ones. People are busy in shopping and doing grocery for the noche buena. Rushing to palengkes to buy the some necessities for midnight. Me? I just went downtown to buy myself a gift. It is just a pair of shoe, nothing expensive though. Then, I went home.
A vast three years ago, the emperor of our city declared to ban the fireworks and any other paputok that can cause harm to people. Yes, it is a fact that because of fireworks, an increase of accidents, cuts, injuries and etc. has occurred during Christmas. The first reaction of the public was affirmatively negative. What’s Christmas without fireworks? How can we celebrate without them? These are just quite a few of the questions that aroused during that year. But as years had passed, people just seemingly accept the enforced policy. This city ordinance has been quietly imposing fairly well for three years until now, or IS IT REALLY THAT FAIR? Today, as I was walking towards home, I realized how silent the city is. The streets are like ghost towns, so silent indeed. It is extremely different with the other cities. I am not uprising a rebellion here against the imperialism of our government. Mmmm. I’m just wondering how different we are? How silent we are? Is this really what we want during Christmas?
Oh well, I’m still happy though. I am excited for our small noche buena (rice, afritada, spaghetti, macaroni salad, and a cake, Yeah!). It is almost twelve, just a few minutes and it is Christmas. My mom is calling me now to help her prepare. A merry Christmas to all.


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