Saturday, May 21, 2011

Civil Service Exam Experience

I just finished my Civil Service Exam this morning. It was quite an experience to share. I woke up 4:35 in the morning feeling sleepy still. I took a bath and selected my best shirt. Then, off I go. I went first in McDonalds Ilustre to take a breakfast, order Big Breakfast McDo (Php. 95.00..). Then, I arrived at UM Matina Campus @ 6:01 am. The gate was still closed at that time (I dont know why. Maybe they are hiding something.). My room number is 38 and its in the farthest building in UM Matina. The DPT building. Gosh. It took me 10 minutes walking from the gate towards the building. (Gggggrrrrr....).

I found my room and entered. A few examinees are already there but the examiner and the proctor are still doing some preparation so we waited for a few minutes for them to finish. The exam strated @ exactly 8:10 am 'cause there still some preliminaries to finish for each examinees (hmmmm pretty boring..).

I started answering in the Math part 'cause for me it is the most easy section. Then, I continued in some other parts. I have difficulty in answering some reading comprehension and analogy questions.

I finished 15 minutes ahead of time. Some of my answers are "bintot-bintot". I just hope that I will pass the exam. I still need to wait 45 days.

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