Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Means War: A marcospot review

Bang! Punch! Slap! Ratatatatatatt! Bang again! Punch again! Slap again!

Well basically that's what really happened in this movie . I just dont get the gist.

The story starts when the two federal agents Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) and Chris Pine (Star Trek) were grounded for a week. Without nothing to do they went looking for some girl to date with. Tom met this beautiful stunning girl in an online site. She played by Resse Witherspoon. This Means War tries to appeal to men with action, women with romantic comedy but director McG failed to make it and impress the audience.

The two bestfriends which are federal agents falls fo Reese

It is quite impressive in terms of romantic comedy. Reese's comedic acting is flawless. Together with her best friend at the movie played by Chelsea Handle they are like two broke women! WHAAT! Another strength of the movie is its the dynamic between the two leading men (as well as how Witherspoon plays off of the potential suitors). Hardy and Pine, who’ve both shown a knack in prior films for balancing charm with tough-guy muscle, have great chemistry – resulting in an entertaining rivalry that also allows for some genuinely kick-butt action beats.

Tom, Chris and Reese at the climax of the movie

It could be good for a date movie with your boyfriend and girlfriend. It is somewhat funny. I watched it last night with my boyfriend and we were just laughing and when the movie ends, we were like "Humana? Mao na to?" (is that it?).

Well if you want to watch movies that are more on guns, sex and comedy then better watch This Means War.

Check out the trailer:

You can post your view and comments for This Means War Movie below:


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Poll (Vote for your winner)

To Marcospot readers, I have something new for you. Bininbing Pilipinas fever is just starting. Who is you bet to become the winner? Choose the one that is in your heart. .....

What ever comments and votes in this post does not affect the official results of Binibining Pilipinas 2012.

Here is an update of the partial results of the MarcoSpot BB Pilipinas 2012 Poll:


Thursday, February 16, 2012

75th ARAW NG DABAW (2012) Activities

Its Araw ng Dabaw once again and Davao City will be as much lively as it can be. Last year I wasn't able to attend the celebration because I went to Cebu for vacation together with my Mother.

Now I am looking forward in watching and participating the events for Araw ng dabaw 2012. YAHOOOO! Here are the list of activities (click the event to read it properly):

There will be a blog contest also for this year. It is sponsored Duaw Davao Festivals Foundation. The theme is based on the tagline launched by the City Tourism Operations Office last year — Davao: Life Is Here!

For more info about this blog contest, click here.

I am planning to cover the Mutya ng Dabaw 2012. I am a beauty pageant enthusiast which is very obvious. Hoping to see some stunner from this year's batch. So excited! See you!

courtesy of Davao City Official Website.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Official 30 Candidates

Final screening of Binibining Pilipinas 2012 has just concluded. They arrived top 30 to be the official candidates.

Presenting the official candidates for BBP 2012

23 Marie Virgenia Cecilie Peter
34 Fer Mary Baliquig
46 Roxanne Tadique
53 Janine Tugonon
54 Rose Ann Aguilar
8 Sherlyn Gonzales
90 Maxine Medina
12 Jaine Hidalgo
17 Marie Irisha Arcenas
27 Katrina Jayne Dimaranan
83 Goldy Baroa
19 Giselle Angelica Munoz
39 Angelee delos Reyes
85 Jillean Camille Orbina
81 Liezl Alcantara
65 Nicole Marable
31 Annalie Forbes
41 Gina Joy Howell
59 Mary Jean Lastimosa
9 Patricia Lee Ejercitado
33 Anna Czarina Buenviaje
43 Roxane Joy Jesalva
29 Elaine Kay Moll
48 Nicole Schmitz
44 Meiji Cruz
91 Golda Soller
1 Romelin Roxanne de Castro
24 Chloe Zanardi
45 Karen Gallman
16 Maria Alicia Elena Ariosa

Mary Jean (MJ) Lastimosa

Janine Tugonon

Roxanne Tadiaque

Nicole Marable

Nicole Schmitz

Rose Anne Aguilar

Fer Mary Baliquig

Patricia Lae Ejercitado

My Prediction

MJ Lastimosa - Universe Crown
Karen Gallman - International Crown
Patricia Ejercitado - TQI Crown

for more pictures of the 30 candidates, click here.

or you can visit

credits to OPMB, Critical Beauty and BB Pilipinas FB page


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lazy Afternoon

"Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin".

Oh well, its Sunday and I am on my work (ppffft!). I thought it will be cool working on Sundays but right now I just can feel the coolness of it. Gosh! I just can't believe I accepted work on Sundays. My body will always tell me that it is Sunday and I should be resting.

How I wish that I am on a quiet farm listening to the birds chirping and the sound of the wind. Sometimes I think that if I will get old (hopefully not sooner!>), I will going to buy a small farm outside the city and live there. I still haven't think of getting married (It will never happen.. eeeewww! Not in a million years!!).

Anyways, I am here now in the computer laboratory overseeing my students finishing their activities. Blah blah blah!


Friday, February 3, 2012

19th Century Mode

At this state, I am super busy! Making projects and assignments and other deliverables one day before the deadline.

MULTI TASKING .. pew! It is an easy thing!
  • Facebook likes and comments (Man vs Woman) I go for... NONE!
  • Missosology (BB PILIPINAS 2012 screening.. wanna see megan!)
  • JOOMLA! (not good for e-commerce websites!)
  • TWITTER (1130 for tending topic)
  • Hackosphere (applying read more with peek-a-bow hehehehe)

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