Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bench I-Rock Body Spray

Cost: Php. 120.00

"It has a refreshing masculine fragrance which composed of woody, greeny and musky smell blended together to create a nice scent."

I am using this for over a year now. It has great effects and the scent last long. I highly recommend this to boys which want to look and smell fresh.

If you want to purchase this, just visit


It is two months now that I am not using this cologne due to budget problems. I kinda missed the scent of Bench I-Rock spray.



  1. nice blog, please visit us, thanks

  2. This is my perfume :)
    hey I just want to know, how were you able to garner all of those comments & be able to have an add from nuffnang?

  3. @pj - it is from Bench try it!

    @Jap - I already visted your blog.. its kinda messy

    @kench - wew.. we have same body spray. well i just update and update. posting interesting entries.. just register in nuffnang

    @jan - thanks

  4. I purchased this perfume yesterday and I will try it tomorrow before I go to my office. Hehehe it's really good smell and it takes too long before it disappear it.

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