Sunday, February 24, 2008

Panwich lang?

Yesterday, me and my sister (GeLLan) went to the NCCC mall to buy a shirt. We tried bench, penshoppe, oxygen, molecules, guess, bny but nothings going to fit for the occasion i will attend to. However, when we passed the cheap shirts, i cannot believe that theres a shirt that is perfect and it is only for Php 150.00. The shirt is black and it has a weird punk print and it is what I am looking for, just appropriate. It is more of like in the picture.

So, eventually, I bought it. Then, we decided to have a stroll at the arcade area and play games. When we arrived there, we saw her ugly pathetic dumb ex-boyfriend. What a small city!!! Of course we ignored him. Who is he by the way??!! After such a scary view, we went to the foodcourt and ordered Panwiches. Panwich lang?. Why do other people (the rich ones) get smirked when they saw people eating the cheap Panwiches?! What's with Panwich?! Its tasty and enticing and its cheap unlike those Space burgers and other expensive buns. There's this rich girls who are seated next to our table and they kept on looking on what we are eating!! duh!! What do we care if they got disgusted with cheap burgers or buns!! Rich people is a headache. Filthy ones!

Eat lng ng eat!

Pakabusog lang!

Sori kung cute aku!

My sistah!

It runs in our blood. Blame our mom with that


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Simple Wordplay

I am fond of creating anagrams and other wordplays. Now here is a simple anagram I created that I hope you can guess.

O, came then.

Clue: bag or gel?

Note: please comment your answer. Thanks!

The answer:

the clue: a blogger

P.S. I hate kuya athen for this. arrrgghhh!!

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