Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Simple Wordplay

I am fond of creating anagrams and other wordplays. Now here is a simple anagram I created that I hope you can guess.

O, came then.

Clue: bag or gel?

Note: please comment your answer. Thanks!

The answer: aethen.com

the clue: a blogger

P.S. I hate kuya athen for this. arrrgghhh!!



  1. i guess, bag.. just a gues... theres no harm in trying, ryt? heheh

  2. No its not bag.. ur refering from the clue.. its not from the clue.. the clue is a puzzle as well.. when you get the clue... your halfway to the answer!!

  3. ooohh.. nice answer... Macho Teen? pde din.. oohhh.. but that was not supposed to be the answer.. hahahaha.. but thats really nice.. thanks for answering!!

  4. 15 minutes na iniisip ko pa rin sagot dito. hawak ko na ilong ko, tuloy tuloy na siyang dumudugo. argh1 ayoko na! sirit!

  5. can we have the 'o draconian devil'?
    darn. i cant think

  6. Marc, give me enough time.. Mga 1 week.... ehehe.. Lol! Lisod jud xa..

  7. Do I have to answer? Hehe.

    Clue? or a Choice? Hehe :P

    Guess: Gel :P

  8. kay_wanderingcommuters: hehehe... di nmn to mahirap!!

    kay_thesocialcritic: labas dito and "da vinci code" hahahaa

    kay_shawntslippert: yeah thanks!

    kay_xtian: i week is so long na!!

    kay_kuyaaethen: gosh kuya!! you should know the answer!! you should you should!!!

  9. Blog ko pala ang sagot! Hehe. Mahina kasi ako jan, marc e. :P

    Magaling :) Salamat!

    to Rolly: amf!

  10. grrr.. aethen.com pala... hehehe... nice wordplay.. hope to see more of these... =)


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