Thursday, December 20, 2012

Philippines Pageant Achievements in the Year 2012

It had been a tremendous year for the Philippines in international beauty pageants. We have many placements and winners for this year. But the most prestigous placement was with Janine Tugonon placed as 1st runner up the most coveted crown in the Universe: MISS UNIVERSE 2012. Here are the following placements of the Philippines:


Manhunt International - winner June Macasaet
Miss International Queen - winner Kevin Balot
Miss Model of the World Asia - winner Joy Marie Ganga


Miss Universe - 1st runner up Janine Tugonon
Miss Supranational 3rd Runner-up Elaine Kay Moll
Miss Earth - 1st runner up Stephany Dianne Stefanowitz
Miss Teen Universe - 1st Runner up Clarise Marie Obvio
Mr. World - 1st runner up Andrew Wolff
Miss Humanity International - 2nd runner up Ayelee Dasalla


Miss International - top 15 Nicole Schmitz
Miss World - 8th place Queenirich Rehman
Miss Scuba International - Top 5 Janicel Lubina
Miss Supermodel International - top 10 Angelee Claudette Delos Reyes
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year - top 10 Bea Rose Santiago
Miss Asia Pacific World - Top 15 Grendel Alvarado


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Results: USA Won

Brazil, USA, Australia, Philippines and Venezuela.

Congratulations to Olivia Culpo from USA for winning the most coveted title MISS UNIVERSE. and to Janine Tugonon 1st runner up, I am so proud of you. You represented the country very well. A three-peat top 5 placement for the Philippines is not a simple thing to achieve in Miss Universe.

It was like Miss Universe 1973 where the elegant Margarita Moran won the crown all over again. The last two standing were Philippines and USA.

The top 5 were a group of front runners and underrated beauties. Philippines and Venezuela were expected to place in the top 5. But USA, Brazil and Australia came successful to even though they were predicted to have low placements by the pageant experts. As for me this line up of top 5 are very solid and formidable.

Olivia was shining through out the night. She was destined for the crown and I believe she is really deserving. Aside from the fact that she is only 5'5" in height, she manages to win the title.

Janine gave the best answer in the question and answer round. When I was watching that portion, I said to myself that she will win. But I realized that the final judging will be based from the beauty, body, personality and over all performance including swimsuit round, evening gown round and the Q and A round.

The most depressing thing happened was the non placement of the front runners and pageant fans favorite such as Miss Puerto Rico - Bodine Kohler, Miss Colombia - Daniella Alvarez, Miss Czech Republic - Tereza Cheblovska and Miss Malaysia - Kimberley Legget.

I was actually surprised by the placement of Hungary - Agnes Konkoly whom is one of my sentimental favorites and India - Shilpa Singh which was so good during the preliminaries. Shilpa was so good in catwalk and projection. Turkey surprised me too. She was stunning in the finale night.

The other winners are Irene Esser from Venezuela as 2nd Runner up, Renae Ayris from Australia as 3rd runner up and Gabriel Markus Brazil as 4th runner up.

Completing top 10 were from France - Marie Payet, Hungary - Agnes Konkoly, Mexico - Karina González, Russia - Elizabeth Golovanova and South Africa - Melinda Bam. Finishing the top 16 were Croatia - Elizabeta Burg, Kosovo - Diana Avdiu, India - Shilpa Singh, Peru - Nicole Faverón, Poland - Marcelina Zawadzka and Turkey - Çağıl Özge Özkul.

Miss Kosovo Diana Avdiu (Miss Photogenic)

Special awards were given to Miss Guatemala - Laura Godoy as Miss Congeniality, Miss Kosovo - Diana Avdiu as Miss Photogenic and Miss China - Ji Dan Xu as Best National Costume.

It was indeed a great show. See you again next year.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marcolocco's Miss Universe 2012 Final Prediction

There are many stunning ladies this year. It is like 2008 all over again. But this will be the boldest and the most fearless prediction I ever had to date.. My prediction were based with the Preliminary and NC Performance, Personality, Beauty and Interview.


I know this post will be bashed by many pageant bloggers here because of my prediction winner but I don't give a damn. I consider her performance as the best of the rest of the candidates. STELLAR! Her smile was addictive and her presence of the stage exudes all over the audience. I do believe that her beauty really radiates and shines when she is on stage. She is fresh and the best Sri Lanka candidate after Maureen Neliya Hingert.

1st Runner up - Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)
2nd Runner up - New Zealand (Talia Bennet)
3rd Runner up - Philipines (Janine Tugonon)
4th Runner up - Croatia (Elizabeta Burg)

top 10

Puerto Rico
South Africa

top 16

El Salvador

Alternates: Colombia, Guyana, Kosovo, Aruba, Vietnam

Well, thats it... Comments and Violent Reaction are pretty much welcome..

I am so excited for the finals.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just Another Thought

I look like a superstar!! BOOM! Just kidding!! Its just a picture in my lonely past.. Well, its been months since I last posted an entry here in my blog. How are me? hmmmmm Is that grammatically correct? Oh well I do not care.

I have been living as like I am alone in this world. Well, I do not why either. Its just that I feel alone.. Maybe because I have never been in a relationship for almost 8 months now... Or worst that I have not totally moved on with my previous relationship which lasted for four years and two months..

Yes I had a long-term relationship before but I do not want to talk about it here.. I do not want to remember things...

Well anyways, I just wish and hope that I wont feel alone anymore and be happy with my life. CIAO!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Want It That Way: ABS CBN Newsroom Parody

This is really funny. Hope you watch it. Now I realized how hard it is to become a newscaster because you will find it hard to crack a joke (isn't it?). Blaaah!

Ginger is such a beauty!

Credits to:

Shot and edited by Jeff Canoy. Produced by Jenny Reyes and Chiara Zambrano.



GUSTO KONG MAGING BEAUTY QUEEN is a new reality show on Studio 23. Beverly Hills 6750 produced this show. This show is in search for modern Filipino women whom are dreaming to be transformed into a beautiful swan and become a true-blooded beauty queen.

The judges are Micheal Carandang (An Award Winning Executive Producer of ANTM), Angel Jacob (Model/Celebrity) and Gwendoline Ruais (Miss World 2011 1st princess)

Worth 2 MILLION PESOS is the PRIZE of this SHOW!!

This will be a beautiful avenue for ladies who have lost their confidence, ladies who have suffered from emotional pain and ladies who wants to change.

What are you waiting for? Join the auditions and meet these judges.

There is NO PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS. Even you are short, fat, over-age, with children and etc., you are invited to join this incredible beauty show. What's important is you are ready to CHANGE and be TRANSFORMED (Body, Face and Character).

Just bring a copy of your Birth Certificate and a Valid ID.

Audition venue will be in Brgy San Agustin Brgy Hall Covered Court, Novaliches, Quezon City on SEPTEMBER 8 and 9, 2012.

There are also auditions in Taguig City this last week of September.

For updates like Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen FB page and follow them in twitter @GKMBQ


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Diet List: Avocado

A person eating fruits everyday is the healthiest way to become more fit.

According to, the fruit Avocado contain more nutrients such as beta-sitolesteral (a smasher of cholesterol in a human body) than any other fruits.

Avocado is rich in minerals and vitamins. According to, "It is high in monounsaturated fat and potassium, and containing a unique fatty alcohol, avocadene, avocado fruits provide curative effects for a number of human ailments, from diarrhea to high blood pressure." However, there are parts in avocados that is harmful and potentially poisonous, it is their leaves. It caused several illnesses to animals.

For a great avocado diet meal, mash half an avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper, and onion. It is deliciousoo!!

I sometime slice the Avocado into small pieces (of course without the skin!) and mix it with small ice cubes and condensed milk and sugar. YUMMY!

For other Avocado recipe, you can visit

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

ANTM Cycle 19 (NEW!) Episode 1

Watch it now before it will be deleted.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

National Heroes Day 2012

August 27, 2012. This day is dedicated to our Filipino heroes that gave up their lives to protect and serve our country. Observed on the last Monday of August, the day marks the Cry of Pugad Lawin by the Katipunan, led by its Supremo Andrés Bonifacio, which marked the beginning of the Philippine Revolution.

We should also pay respect to those military and navy officers whom have sacrificed their lives battling for peace in our country.

Yeeey. I know several Filipinos are celebrating this day mostly because it is a holiday. Wew. Another long weekend for students and workers.

Lets have a little fun. Answer this question. How will you celebrate National Heroes day? Post your answers as comments.

Source:, and


Monday, August 20, 2012

Director's Cut Trailer of TIKTIK The Aswang Chronicles

This is the most awaited horror action thriller movie. WOW I just placed it in three incredible genres. For me, it will be another international hit just like The Road which was also produced by GMA Films.

I know ASWANG themed movies are very common but this one is different. The visual and sound effects are "avant garde" for the Philippine cinema. This is a more diverse and upgraded taste of any other Filipino horror movie.

Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is showing on October 17, 2012, and stars Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez, Ramon Bautista & Janice De Belen.

Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is produced by Reality Entertainment and Agostodos Pictures, in coorperation with GMA Films. Post Production was done by PostManila, with Visual Effects done by Mothership.

Post your comments about this upcoming horror movie.


Monday, August 13, 2012

The Unemployed

Hi guys. Its been months since I last posted here. Just got busy looking for a job..

I realize now that it is not that easy to look for a job. You need to be a lot more patient than you think. 

Well I will share to you some numbers about employment....

In April 2012, the Philippines’ unemployment rate dropped slightly to 6.9 percent announced by the National Statistics Office. The latest figure is lower than the 7.2 percent recorded during the same period in 2011.

Here in Davao City, the employment rate of 93.8 percent ranks second to the lowest throughout Mindanao. Maybe the reason is that there are already many established companies here in the region.

I wish I am part of that 93.8 percent. I have applied to different companies, large, small, stable, established, staggering, growing, starting companies. I also met many people which I really appreciate. I have a chance talk to different kinds of people, diverse individuals. 

I am an IT graduate and had experienced teaching in college. But I realized that I can be more happy and effective if I am in a different career. I do believe that I have excellent people relations skills and communication skills. I prefer a job where I am one of the team players where I get to talk to people like sales or customer service. It can make me more effective. I have been interviewed by HUNDREDS of companies but I am still unfortunate.

Right now, I am thinking positively and hopefully someday I can be hired in a stable job. I know I do it. POWER!

PS: If ever you get to read this post and you have a job offer, don't hesitate to text or call me. 09094177896 or 09334222433. Thanks


Friday, May 11, 2012

Kim and Xian reunited for another soap opera

Primetime drama princess Kim Chiu will have another TV drama series and she will be reunited by her rumored exclusively dating partner Xian Lim.

The TV drama title is "Ina, Kapatid, Anak". Enchong Dee and Maja Salvador will be in the new TV Drama. It will be directed Don Cuaresma and Jojo Saguin.

This is a big good news for the two actors. I believe that this new TV drama will be a big hit since their last soap (My Binondo Girl) together was a huge success.

Photo credit:


Friday, May 4, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Hotpick 1

Miss Universe 2012 will be in December 2012 and the venue is yet to be announced.

Caroline Aguirre is my Miss Universe 2012 Hotpick 1.
As of May 4, 2012, 38 delegates have been selected. This is Marcospot's Miss Universe 2012 hot picks 
1. Caroline Aguirre (Ecuador) - She has been my favorite since Miss Ecuador 2012. She has the total package to become Miss Universe. Her eyes, her smile, height ... It is just perfect!

2. Melinda Bam (South Africa) - This hot bum from the African country will rock the Miss Universe. With that vavavoom body she will definitely skyrocket in the top 5 and she can win the crown.

3. Marcelina Zawadzka (Poland) - I cant stop looking at her beautiful face. Such a divine lady that could be in the top 5 of MU.

4. Elizabeta Burg(Croatia) - A DEMI-GODDESS. With the proper styling she can rock the whole MU 2012.

5. Irene Esser (Venezuela) - Another DEMI GODDESS. Osmel Sousa (MUV director) will not play safe this time. Irene will be in the top 5. Mark that!

6. Ayako Hara (Japan) - Japan is back. Ayako is really good in the ramp.
7. Lindsay Japal (Cayman Islands) - With her recent transformation, I could say she will be in the semis. I love her. She is my sentimental favorite.
8. Nicole Faveron (Peru) - The ignored Latina. Beautiful and tall.
9. Delphine Wespiser (France) - I love her major major transformation. France will be in the semis again.
10. Karina González (Mexico) - THE LEGS BABY!

11. Lina Machola (Israel)
12. Laura Godoy (Guatemala)
13. Bodine Kohler (Puerto Rico)
14. Bojana Lečić (Serbia)
15. Noelle Ada (Gabon) 

Bubbling up the list: Janine Mari Tugonon (Philippines), Andrea Huisgen (Spain), Lee Sung-hye (Korea), Elizaveta Golovanova (Russia), and Maria Selena (Indonesia)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mutya ng Dabaw 2012: Marianne Mae Te

Mutya ng Dabaw 2012 Marianne Mae Te (center) and her court (Patet Magalona Fermin).

Mutya ng Dabaw 2012 just recently concluded last night and the winner is the bubbly and beautiful Marianne Mae Te. Te was a 21-year-old model and a certified cook who dreams to own a hotel or restaurant someday.

Te was an early crowd favorite because of her bubbly aura. She won because she was fluent in her answer and shows a bubbly personality during Dingdong's casual interviews. She is an AB Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate of the Philippine Women's College.

Dorothy Maruel Ibanez of Lanang, a registered nurse was crowned Diwa ng Davao (first runner-up). Jhoanna Myles Te of Bajada was crowned Sinag ng Dabaw (second runner-up). Maria Theresa Tan of Ulas, an AB Communication Arts graduate from the University of Immaculate Conception, is the third runner-up or the Pag-asa ng Dabaw, while Ateneo de Davao University law student Jazzel Therese Gomez was fourth runner-up.

Marianne Te also won Miss AirPhil Express. She can travel any Philippine Destination.

My bet was actually Jhoanna Myles Te. She is very bubbly also and I like her candid shots. But she failed to answer flawlessly during the Q and A round. I am still happy with Marianne, she is my 2nd bet.

To see other pictures:


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Poll Update

As of March 11, 2012, a total of 149 votes were already casted by fans.

Nicole Marable tops the the poll with 32.89% of the total votes. Next from the top is Roxanne Joy Jesalva with 15.44% of the votes. Third is Golda Soller with 12.75%. Completing the magic five are Mary Jean Lastimosa (12.08%) and Patricia Lae Ejercitado (6.04%).

Keep on voting. You have until April 13 to cast your votes for your favorite Binibining Pilipinas 2012 candidate.

Follow this link to vote:


Friday, March 9, 2012

PCSC 2012 Day 1: Going to the Venue

Wew. I was really excited to attend the opening for the Philippine Computing Society Congress 2012. Wew. I was really excited to attend the opening for the Philippine Computing Society Congress 2012. I actually prepared my to-bring things the night before at my hotel I stayed. I woke up 8:00 am and took my breakfast. I wasn’t worried that I will be late since the seminar starts at 2:00 pm. I actually stayed with a group. We are a total of ten peeps! We stayed in Rockpoint Resort Hotel which is 45 minutes away (It was near when you look at it on the google maps) to the venue of the seminar (De la Salle Canlubang, Binan, Laguna). But we never regretted that we stayed there because of the unlimited use of hot / warm water pool and the place is very peaceful and accommodating.

We headed out at exactly 11:30 am so that we can still take some pictures before the program starts. We took a jeepney and we asked the jeepney driver if he could take us to the rendezvous place for all participants (Caltex station). Then, he agreed. We were like weeeee. So we were so confident about the place, we haven’t noticed that we are on the wrong way. GOSH! We saw a Caltex station then we decided to stop there and examine the area. The jeepney driver said “Eto yung Caltex Canlubang” and he took off. Pffft! Eventually, thank god we arrived at the venue just a little bit late (How we arrived? It would be better if you ask me in person.. I will be delighted to share it to you hehehe)

To be continued...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Means War: A marcospot review

Bang! Punch! Slap! Ratatatatatatt! Bang again! Punch again! Slap again!

Well basically that's what really happened in this movie . I just dont get the gist.

The story starts when the two federal agents Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) and Chris Pine (Star Trek) were grounded for a week. Without nothing to do they went looking for some girl to date with. Tom met this beautiful stunning girl in an online site. She played by Resse Witherspoon. This Means War tries to appeal to men with action, women with romantic comedy but director McG failed to make it and impress the audience.

The two bestfriends which are federal agents falls fo Reese

It is quite impressive in terms of romantic comedy. Reese's comedic acting is flawless. Together with her best friend at the movie played by Chelsea Handle they are like two broke women! WHAAT! Another strength of the movie is its the dynamic between the two leading men (as well as how Witherspoon plays off of the potential suitors). Hardy and Pine, who’ve both shown a knack in prior films for balancing charm with tough-guy muscle, have great chemistry – resulting in an entertaining rivalry that also allows for some genuinely kick-butt action beats.

Tom, Chris and Reese at the climax of the movie

It could be good for a date movie with your boyfriend and girlfriend. It is somewhat funny. I watched it last night with my boyfriend and we were just laughing and when the movie ends, we were like "Humana? Mao na to?" (is that it?).

Well if you want to watch movies that are more on guns, sex and comedy then better watch This Means War.

Check out the trailer:

You can post your view and comments for This Means War Movie below:


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Poll (Vote for your winner)

To Marcospot readers, I have something new for you. Bininbing Pilipinas fever is just starting. Who is you bet to become the winner? Choose the one that is in your heart. .....

What ever comments and votes in this post does not affect the official results of Binibining Pilipinas 2012.

Here is an update of the partial results of the MarcoSpot BB Pilipinas 2012 Poll:


Thursday, February 16, 2012

75th ARAW NG DABAW (2012) Activities

Its Araw ng Dabaw once again and Davao City will be as much lively as it can be. Last year I wasn't able to attend the celebration because I went to Cebu for vacation together with my Mother.

Now I am looking forward in watching and participating the events for Araw ng dabaw 2012. YAHOOOO! Here are the list of activities (click the event to read it properly):

There will be a blog contest also for this year. It is sponsored Duaw Davao Festivals Foundation. The theme is based on the tagline launched by the City Tourism Operations Office last year — Davao: Life Is Here!

For more info about this blog contest, click here.

I am planning to cover the Mutya ng Dabaw 2012. I am a beauty pageant enthusiast which is very obvious. Hoping to see some stunner from this year's batch. So excited! See you!

courtesy of Davao City Official Website.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Official 30 Candidates

Final screening of Binibining Pilipinas 2012 has just concluded. They arrived top 30 to be the official candidates.

Presenting the official candidates for BBP 2012

23 Marie Virgenia Cecilie Peter
34 Fer Mary Baliquig
46 Roxanne Tadique
53 Janine Tugonon
54 Rose Ann Aguilar
8 Sherlyn Gonzales
90 Maxine Medina
12 Jaine Hidalgo
17 Marie Irisha Arcenas
27 Katrina Jayne Dimaranan
83 Goldy Baroa
19 Giselle Angelica Munoz
39 Angelee delos Reyes
85 Jillean Camille Orbina
81 Liezl Alcantara
65 Nicole Marable
31 Annalie Forbes
41 Gina Joy Howell
59 Mary Jean Lastimosa
9 Patricia Lee Ejercitado
33 Anna Czarina Buenviaje
43 Roxane Joy Jesalva
29 Elaine Kay Moll
48 Nicole Schmitz
44 Meiji Cruz
91 Golda Soller
1 Romelin Roxanne de Castro
24 Chloe Zanardi
45 Karen Gallman
16 Maria Alicia Elena Ariosa

Mary Jean (MJ) Lastimosa

Janine Tugonon

Roxanne Tadiaque

Nicole Marable

Nicole Schmitz

Rose Anne Aguilar

Fer Mary Baliquig

Patricia Lae Ejercitado

My Prediction

MJ Lastimosa - Universe Crown
Karen Gallman - International Crown
Patricia Ejercitado - TQI Crown

for more pictures of the 30 candidates, click here.

or you can visit

credits to OPMB, Critical Beauty and BB Pilipinas FB page


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lazy Afternoon

"Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin".

Oh well, its Sunday and I am on my work (ppffft!). I thought it will be cool working on Sundays but right now I just can feel the coolness of it. Gosh! I just can't believe I accepted work on Sundays. My body will always tell me that it is Sunday and I should be resting.

How I wish that I am on a quiet farm listening to the birds chirping and the sound of the wind. Sometimes I think that if I will get old (hopefully not sooner!>), I will going to buy a small farm outside the city and live there. I still haven't think of getting married (It will never happen.. eeeewww! Not in a million years!!).

Anyways, I am here now in the computer laboratory overseeing my students finishing their activities. Blah blah blah!


Friday, February 3, 2012

19th Century Mode

At this state, I am super busy! Making projects and assignments and other deliverables one day before the deadline.

MULTI TASKING .. pew! It is an easy thing!
  • Facebook likes and comments (Man vs Woman) I go for... NONE!
  • Missosology (BB PILIPINAS 2012 screening.. wanna see megan!)
  • JOOMLA! (not good for e-commerce websites!)
  • TWITTER (1130 for tending topic)
  • Hackosphere (applying read more with peek-a-bow hehehehe)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Countdown to Binbining Pilipinas 2012 Official Screening: Patricia Tumulak

Patricia Marie Tumulak is a fashion model and beauty queen from the Philippines. She competed in the ninth edition of the national Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant and was crowned Miss Philippines Fire 2009.

Tumulak joined the national Miss Philippines Earth 2009 beauty pageant, which was co-produced by Carousel Productions and ABS–CBN Broadcasting Corporation. The pageant was participated by 50 delegates representing various towns, cities, provinces, and overseas Filipino communities in the beauty contest that promotes environmental awareness. The event was telecast on Channel 2 in the Philippines and by The Filipino Channel internationally.

In the final competition of the Miss Philippines Earth 2009, she was announced as one of the 10 semi-finalists who moved forward to compete for the title. She achieved one of the five highest scores in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions for her stage chops, which advanced her as one of the top five finalists to participate in the final round of the event.

At the conclusion of the pageant, she won and was crowned Miss Philippines Fire 2009. She was crowned by the outgoing titleholder Kristelle Lazaro at the The Arena Entertainment and Recreational Center of the People, San Juan City, Philippines.

She joined last year in Binibining Pilipinas 2011 but she only landed in the top 15.


And now she is back with revenge in Binbining Pilipinas. Will she win the crown or will she still clap?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Countdown to Binbining Pilipinas 2012 Official Screening: Kristel Moreno

Kristel Moreno (born January 14, 1991) is a Filipino actress and dancer. A former child star and former Sexbomb Girl and relaunched as member of Star Magic Batch 16.

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