Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Art of Letting Go

I want to share a simple article about break ups and relationships..


We often fool ourselves and say that it is love. And when it’s gone, we end up being lonely. So how are we to know that it just wasn’t so, and we just have to let each other go? Why do we have to part when the love is still there? Why do we have to suffer? Why do we have to cry when someone bids us goodbye? Why do beginnings have to end? Why do we have to meet that person only lose them in the end? There are the questions that are left unanswered, words left unsaid, letters left unread, poems left undone, songs left unsung, love left unexpressed, and promises that are broken. In relationships, one of the hardest thing to do is saying goodbye and letting go. It is like breaking a glass because you’ll never know when you’ll be able to pick up the pieces again. More often than not, those who go will not feel the pain of parting, it is those who are stay behind that suffer because of the memories left of a love that was not meant to be. We will later realize that the precious moments you shared together were only stolen moments.

At the beginning and at the end of any relationship, we are embarrassed to find ourselves alone. Unfair as that may seem, but that’s the way love goes, that’s the drama, and part of the risk of falling in love. After all, nothing is constant but change. Everything will eventually come to its end without us knowing when, or how, or why. And we have to forget not because we want to but because we have to.

In letting go, sorrows come not as a single spy but in battalion. It seems that everywhere you go, and everything you do, every song you hear, every turn of your head, every move of your body, every beat of your heart, every blink of your eye and every breath you take will always remind you of him. And it feels like you have been stabbed with a knife.

Funny how the world becomes so bare when in fact only person is missing. Imagining that there are billions people on earth and yet you feel lonely and empty without him by your side.
I don’t know of it is worth calling it an art, but letting go entrails special skills combine with considerable space and time. And they would say that time will heal all wounds, yet it also take a litte part from us. Acceptance also plays a part, because after all not every thing you wish will come true, not all love stories will have their happy ending. Sometimes we have to let go because of circumstances that are beyond our control. We have to suffer if it would mean the happiness of the other person. We have to cry temporarily to let go of all the pains we feel inside.

Every beginning has it’s end. It’s over and he’s gone. But life has to go on, goodbye does not always mean forever, there will always be a place and time where questions will be answered, words will be spoken, letters will be read, poems will be recited, songs will be sang, love will be expressed and promises will be fulfilled… somewhere, somehow, someday…

You don’t realize how much you care about someone until they don’t care about you.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earn by just Clicking ads

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What type

A quiz from facebook.com.

Bosses are direct, independent, self assured and protective. People see them as strong personalities. They pleed for justice and honesty, they have a strong sense of responsibility and they also have an attitude like "Don't let them walk over you!" or "Hit back!". They want to control the situation and that's why they want to know everything. They are possessive. RELATIONSHIPS: You appreciate frienship, but it's difficult, because you want to dominate. Power is very important to you. It's hard for you to stand someone who wants to be the boss over you. You don't commit that easy because of your independence. But if you start a relationship, you are faithful. For you, it's essential to have a fight in your lovelife. FIXATION: vengeance VICE: lust VIRTUE: innocence PROFESSIONS: manager, boss, director,...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Semana Santa in the Philippines

Being the only Christian nation in the Far East, the belief of such religious observance was inherently Christian in origin brought to the Philippines by the Spanish Conquistadors when they first planted the Cross, symbol of Christianity, on the islands thus signaling the advent of the conversion of the natives to the faith of the Conquerors.

Holy Week culminates with all the solemn observance of Christian and pagan rituals. The practice is nationwide and has varying undertones of religious significance that is both moving and touching in its entirety. There are countless "Cenaculos" and "Pabasas" reciting and reenacting the passion and death of Jesus Christ in traditionally written verse form and dramatized version of the original sacrifice two thousand years ago.

The Holy Week in the Philippines has various appeals for everyone that combine native traditions and modern day touches with numerous innovations according to temperament and locale.

The week from Monday to Good Friday is an emotion packed series of religious ceremonies reminiscent of Christendom's most cherished traditions. Easter Sunday pall builds up into a glorious pealing of church bells for the pre-dawn "pasalubong", a reenactment of the Risen Christ's meeting with His Mother at the church patio under a specially prepared arch. An angel then descends from the platform and lifts the mourning veil of the grieving Mother amidst the pealing of bells. The procession of the two images then ends up inside the church and masses are said.

Lenten celebration in the Philippines is a conglomeration of quaint Christian and paganistic practices that are found nowhere else in the world. Some are breathtaking and exciting as they are charming and so distinctively Filipino that they are a source of wonderment for any tourist.

For me, I am really looking forward for this event because it is the time where Filipinos really give moments for the death of Jesus Christ. In this time, people throughout the country unite to give respect and to pray.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big Brother Contest

I go for Itachi. He soooo coool as big brother of Sasuke! Even though he is villain in Naruto Shippuden, he is really something.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Football players are gay!

I hope not all football players do that kind of pose. Its so dumb!

or maybe..

They just cannot hide it. LOLZ!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To graduate or not to graduate

For four long years of hell, I think I deserve to graduate. However, there are certain circumstances that are hindrances for my success. I really want to graduate! I am craving for it! But how?

I have only 8 days enable for me to determine the final answer.

To graduate or not to graduate?

I cannot even bear the idea....

8 days....

8 days...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fiesta Online

I am now addicted with Fiesta Online. It is new free MMORPG game from Outspark. The story goes in four chapters.

Chapter 1: The Creation of Isya, the Gods and the fall of Legal
Chapter 2: The two Siblings and the Death of Bijou
Chapter 3: The Making of the Guradian Magi
Chapter 4: The Corruption of Epith

There are for characters in the game.

Thanks to their strength, fearlessness and superb combat skills, fighters are always ready to take on any enemy. The powerhouse and mainstay of any party, fighters battle foes at close range while allies support them from all sides. With the slash of a sword, or the swing of an axe, all you will hear is the death cry of enemies.


Clerics aid fellow adventurers with the holy power of light and deal damage with ommands channeling holy wrath. The cleric can also bless his allies with magical shields and even increase their damage, making clerics an essential part of any raiding group. When a cleric speaks a word of power, you live or die.


The Archer aids the party with an assortment of skills and summons the forces of nature to protect them. They are a tactical part of any group, providing dangerous long ranged attacks and strategic support. Once their sights are set on an enemy, resistance is futile. Archers start out with the highest damage output of any class in the game.


The Mage is one with the magical energies of Isya, channeling arcane power and commanding it to do his bidding. The Mage may be frail and weak in body, but that is a worthy sacrifice for the strength of the mind. The Mage is the heavy hitter of the group, casting powerful damaging ranged spells at single and multiple targets. Enemies flee from the sounds of their fearsome incantations.

Just visit the Fiesta Official Website. Click here.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wolf and Spice

I have been addicted to a new manga. It is called Wolf and spice.


Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料, Ōkami to Kōshinryō?, lit. Wolf and Spice) is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura. The first novel was released on February 10, 2006, and as of September 10, 2008, nine volumes have been published by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunko label. ASCII Media Works reported that as of May 2008, over 1.2 million copies of the first seven novels have been sold in Japan. The series has been called a "unique fantasy" by Mainichi Shimbun due to the plot focusing on economics, trade, and peddling rather than the typical staples of fantasy such as swords and magic. Yen Press licensed the light novels and will be releasing them in English in North America.

A manga adaptation illustrated by Keito Kōme began serialization in the Japanese seinen magazine Dengeki Maoh on September 27, 2007, published by ASCII Media Works. The obi strip on the fifth novel announced the anime adaptation which aired between January 9 and March 26, 2008, containing twelve aired episodes, plus a single original video animation episode. The anime will be released in English by Kadokawa Pictures USA. A second season of the anime series titled Spice and Wolf II has been confirmed for production. A visual novel based on the series for the Nintendo DS was released on June 26, 2008 by ASCII Media Works.

Download here Chapter 1
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