Sunday, March 29, 2009

Semana Santa in the Philippines

Being the only Christian nation in the Far East, the belief of such religious observance was inherently Christian in origin brought to the Philippines by the Spanish Conquistadors when they first planted the Cross, symbol of Christianity, on the islands thus signaling the advent of the conversion of the natives to the faith of the Conquerors.

Holy Week culminates with all the solemn observance of Christian and pagan rituals. The practice is nationwide and has varying undertones of religious significance that is both moving and touching in its entirety. There are countless "Cenaculos" and "Pabasas" reciting and reenacting the passion and death of Jesus Christ in traditionally written verse form and dramatized version of the original sacrifice two thousand years ago.

The Holy Week in the Philippines has various appeals for everyone that combine native traditions and modern day touches with numerous innovations according to temperament and locale.

The week from Monday to Good Friday is an emotion packed series of religious ceremonies reminiscent of Christendom's most cherished traditions. Easter Sunday pall builds up into a glorious pealing of church bells for the pre-dawn "pasalubong", a reenactment of the Risen Christ's meeting with His Mother at the church patio under a specially prepared arch. An angel then descends from the platform and lifts the mourning veil of the grieving Mother amidst the pealing of bells. The procession of the two images then ends up inside the church and masses are said.

Lenten celebration in the Philippines is a conglomeration of quaint Christian and paganistic practices that are found nowhere else in the world. Some are breathtaking and exciting as they are charming and so distinctively Filipino that they are a source of wonderment for any tourist.

For me, I am really looking forward for this event because it is the time where Filipinos really give moments for the death of Jesus Christ. In this time, people throughout the country unite to give respect and to pray.



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