Saturday, April 18, 2009

What type

A quiz from

Bosses are direct, independent, self assured and protective. People see them as strong personalities. They pleed for justice and honesty, they have a strong sense of responsibility and they also have an attitude like "Don't let them walk over you!" or "Hit back!". They want to control the situation and that's why they want to know everything. They are possessive. RELATIONSHIPS: You appreciate frienship, but it's difficult, because you want to dominate. Power is very important to you. It's hard for you to stand someone who wants to be the boss over you. You don't commit that easy because of your independence. But if you start a relationship, you are faithful. For you, it's essential to have a fight in your lovelife. FIXATION: vengeance VICE: lust VIRTUE: innocence PROFESSIONS: manager, boss, director,...


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