Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resignation: A choice

hmmm.... Well, I know you are curious with my title of this post. It started when one of my bosses over-asked errands which is out-of-bounds from my job description! I really like my work environment and I like my co-workers(some of them rather...hehehehe). The problem is the management and administration. I am calculating my salary every month, yes its no less no more. But it is not enough. Too much work...! and I don't like it...! That's why I am slowly writing my resignation letter. But I don't know how to start my conversation with my boss regarding my resignation. How am I going to resign? How I wish there will be no flaws with my letter of resignation if the time comes that I am going to submit it.

Well.... I am planning to transfer to other company, I think I would be productive and effective to the other company. But I am still hoping that the boss of the other company will consider my application.

However, I am worried with my constituents. I can't imagine how days passed without me.! I hope so that they can survived it.

At this state, I am still unsure with my decision. Should I stay or should i go? To resign or not to resign?

It is my choice and my decision...!



  1. asa ka magresign mark ky murag dghan man jd kag company noh?

  2. aw dali rana, resign dretso. wa nay daghan paatik! ihatag dayn ang 2wiks notice nimo, tapos! hehehe


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