Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Means War: A marcospot review

Bang! Punch! Slap! Ratatatatatatt! Bang again! Punch again! Slap again!

Well basically that's what really happened in this movie . I just dont get the gist.

The story starts when the two federal agents Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) and Chris Pine (Star Trek) were grounded for a week. Without nothing to do they went looking for some girl to date with. Tom met this beautiful stunning girl in an online site. She played by Resse Witherspoon. This Means War tries to appeal to men with action, women with romantic comedy but director McG failed to make it and impress the audience.

The two bestfriends which are federal agents falls fo Reese

It is quite impressive in terms of romantic comedy. Reese's comedic acting is flawless. Together with her best friend at the movie played by Chelsea Handle they are like two broke women! WHAAT! Another strength of the movie is its the dynamic between the two leading men (as well as how Witherspoon plays off of the potential suitors). Hardy and Pine, who’ve both shown a knack in prior films for balancing charm with tough-guy muscle, have great chemistry – resulting in an entertaining rivalry that also allows for some genuinely kick-butt action beats.

Tom, Chris and Reese at the climax of the movie

It could be good for a date movie with your boyfriend and girlfriend. It is somewhat funny. I watched it last night with my boyfriend and we were just laughing and when the movie ends, we were like "Humana? Mao na to?" (is that it?).

Well if you want to watch movies that are more on guns, sex and comedy then better watch This Means War.

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