Saturday, December 29, 2007

Datu Bago 2005 Reunion December 2007

I have been extremely excited for the reunion. So, that's why I prepared for it. I bought a short and a pair of slipper to coincide with my cloth i will wear for the event. The color motif of our reunion is color green. Then, December 28 came. I woke very early (i guess it was 6:35 am). I grab all the necessities which includes the clothes i will wear, cellphone, wallet, and snacks. The venue is Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort which is located at Lanang, Davao City. Our orientation area is at Caltex Gas Station corner R. Castillo and Lanang Road.

We have been grouped into three teams (Blue, Yellow, Orange). Fortunately, I belong to the Yellow group (but I guess I was unfortunate in a sense that all of us are slightly not so competitive. The first game is the improvised Amazing Race. We ended 3rd (as expected). For more info just visit Jed's Site.
I did not expect that our reunion would be as grand as more than I imagined. The food was so great. I cannot even stand after the lunch. The games were fabulous. Everybody enjoyed it. I swear. I am looking forward for the next reunion. A big thanks to the organizers especially to Jed, Al, Ilsea, Angelie, Matet and Martha.
For more photos just click here

Time may only pass, but our hearts will still remain.



  1. Galeng naman. Congrats. ^_^

    Btw, naitag kita sa isang post ko.. ^_^

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