Saturday, December 29, 2007

Love Waves

It is a natural human inclination to go into deep thoughts of tenderness, happy memories, and tear of joy over someone. But, hey, did you know that love waves don’t deal with emotions? Love waves are related to geophysics and earthquakes; therefore, they’re serious business.
The term “love waves” is named after British geophysicist Augustus E. H. Love. Different kinds of seismic waves re produced by the deformation of rock materials. Love waves refer to one type of surface seismic waves, which are generated by earthquakes. The other type is called body waves. They are primary waves and shear waves.
When either primary waves or shear waves got stuck, love waves do follow. Love waves cause rock to move horizontally.
As oppose to lose waves the surface seismic waves are called Rayleigh waves. The term Rayleigh waves is named after John Railey, a physicist form Great Britain. Rayleigh waves cause rock to move in a circular motion generally along the same direction as either the primary waves or shear waves.


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