Sunday, December 9, 2007

Boring Day!!

10:00 am – Time to wake up. I’m still sleepy actually. I cannot even recognize myself in my mirror. I thought I am a football superstar. But when my consciousness went back, I suddenly realized that I was daydreaming.

11:35 am – This is my breakfast-lunch time during Sundays. It is actually a combination of my appetizers, breakfast, morning snack and lunch with dessert. So, during this time I would transform into a meat-eating cute beast.

11:45 am – Toothbrush. I got a big swelly belly, so don’t get confused why I eat so fast with an enormous meal.

12:00 noon – T.V. (no matter what!!!).

1:30 pm – I decided to visit the barbershop and cut my hair (literally!! Just joking!!). But I really have a trim, which the barber called “slash trim”. It went out cute!! As usual and as expected with me.

2:30 pm – I went to the mall for strolling. I was expecting a lot of people today ‘cause its family day. But I was wrong; there were more than a lot of people. I think it’s because of the outrushing Christmas “shopping” spirit. And there were an inter-school band competition. I just leisurely walked in and out of stores.

4:00 pm – I felt tired walking around the mall. So I just made my mind to play my fave online game, FLYFF. Just inside the mall. I was just complaining with their price, which is 20/hour. Such a greedy Internet café!! But I don’t have anything to do. They already logged me in.

6:00 pm – After several boring hours of such eternal boredom, I just decided to go home.



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