Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life: a VIEW

Life has been really tricky. like what others are saying,"La vida no es dulce, es amargo"("Life is not sweet, it is bitter"). Struggling from infancy up to the present,i still haven't found the true meaning of life. i still journey inside my cranium to find my goal. Autonomous perceptions and views have done no help. Friends and even my family gave nothing. Shattered with precious memories and profound dreams, i have been transformed into a stronger person. Una persona mas fuerte.As Socrates once said, "Know thyself".
Propensities and coincidences had passed but i am still lost. But, where am I going? What is the right path?Is this only an assay for me?
My propinquity to the divine truth is quite vast. Sheared with neatness of determination I armored to defend myself from monstrous lies.My mind and heart battle for supremacy.I just wanted to know the truth, the meaning of life, to be satisfied. Pero como? But how?
Now, I simply live the most of my life and I hope someday the answers i want will come into life.


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