Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hacking is the act of forfeiting individual freedom of action or professional integrity in exchange for wages or other assured reward. Computer Hacking is a crime as the laws have stated. Someone caught hacking will be imprisoned for a certain number of years. Hacking has been a practice to programmers, whom have great minds, for a protest or rebellion to the government or private companies. But it cannot be easily to identify a hacker, so difficulties on it.

In concerns with Victor Faur, I think NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) have reached their limitations and boundaries. I agree with Mr. Faur, computers are really vulnerable and assailable when an attack or an outbreak will be made. Faur just wanted to reach out people or the public those NASA computers or supercomputers are all weak and frail on some terms. If it is not vulnerable, Faur would not have break through top security system of NASA.

In legal terms, I guessed Faur have broken the law. It is illegal in some terms if you consider the laws and policies that have been regulated by the law. But in layman’s point of view, Faur did the right thing. Faur also wanted to stretch out his knowledge and test it out. He has made something important and vital to mankind and the world of technology.

I guess hacking is not the right word for Faur’s actions. It is too devilish and unrighteous to accuse someone that is out of bounds. I surmise cracking is most likely to be considered and acceptable enough for his actions. Hacking is when you have reached the limitations (modifications and erasing files).

Thus, as for my own point of view with due concerns of Mr. Victor Faur did, I believe that he just did the right thing: to show to the world how vulnerable computers are not only in NASA but in the whole globe.


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