Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Internet Downtime

Downtime have been a big problem in the Internet world which causes a large amount of money loss of the companies that relies on their online services. Pacific Solutions Philippines have made an Internet Solution for this issue which is, Optimaxx. This is a business continuity solution that is Filipino-made since it was developed under the unique requirements and situation in the country. Internet downtime can be defined as a period or a percentage of span of time that the Internet is not functioning or as we commonly called it as offline, are quickly irritable in some enterprise because it will have a damaging effect of serious economic impact. This might result for money loss that will reached up to millions of dollars. 24-hour services will be much affected including medical transactory informatics, online news reporting, weather coverage, electronic-commerce, and persistent online gaming. Downtimes are a normal experienced by 78% of the population. It generally occurs one to three times in a month and would normally take up to four hours per month to restore. This really a big thing to solve. Certain amount of time that is considered in order for the restoration of Internet service.

Banks, both local and international, will also be a great affection on downtimes. Several banking transaction online will be loss. Economic status of these banks will have a degrading result, small revenues and critical status of the company. This will be a big problem to the country's economic standing.

As for me, Internet downtime is a chaos in the web world. But i think downtime played an important role in the Internet world. Everything has limitations and weaknesses, this includes. Internet needs time to rest from transmitting data and communicating informations. And this, i think, is a necessity of the Internet.

Pacific Internet is the largest telecommunications independent Internet communications service provider in all Asia Pacific region with the undeviating assemblage in Philippines, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. They are the one who is responsible for the downtime problem. With their Optimaxx as “premium” Internet solution, downtimes will decreased in time. The designed service and programs of Optimaxx will ensure unparalleled utmost and maximum network online availability for clients and costumers that has applications which cannot stand with hash less because to downtimes. This also helps maintain the service availability, achieve optimal routing, and fortify their Internet resiliency. It will also help for the elimination of expenses in relation to storage of their business processes and productivity losses when personnels are unable to run their databases, receive emails or process orders of sales, online hotel reservation and the likes.

Thus, Pacific Internet solution is a big help to the Internet world. Filipinos should be proud because it originated from Pacific Internet Philippines. This is a big development for the industry of service providers.

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