Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Davao Cyber Expo

Davao Cyber Expo has been a great success. Information has been distributed through a technological manner. The Expo wants to inform the people, especially students that we are in a technology era now. We cannot just hang around and wait for nothing. Davao Cyber Expo wants to say to students that they should be aware of all the new technologies, such as: application softwares, online role playing games, web designing software.

I, for myself, have experience a couple of the fun games in the expo. I have played the game called Audition. This is an online role-playing game. The game is all about dancing and turning up the tune by just stroking the right key that the game needed. It was a great experience and I have been planning to continue it if I had time.

After that, I have listened with the seminar about new software and games of the industry (as a requirement). I have learned new things, first is the new three-dimensional object editor and video enhancement. I was amazed on how interactively edits the three-dimensional object. Then, there is this new game called, Granado Espada. This game is also an online role-playing game. It is about choosing a character, killing monsters and enhancing skills. Lastly, there is a lecture on the new Acrobat Reader. Many services have offered in this new software of Adobe. I was astonished with the tools that can be used. The speaker has been very flexible with his lecture. He called some volunteers (I was hoping I was one of them, but I’m not) for a practice and if they have do it correctly he gave them books which he have written.

We, as a dabawe├▒o, should be very proud of this Expo because we are granted as one of the first to conduct a lecture and seminar about the said event. There have been so much to learn and I cannot wait when will be the next Davao Cyber Expo. And I also wish I will be, someday, one of the speakers of such seminar like the Expo.


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