Thursday, August 23, 2007

nothin to do !! [multitasking effect]

my god !!
ehehe... ! oh well, im here again !! as always, (as f someone will care)!! hahaha!! but i dont care if nobody cared if im here!! hahaha !!
actually im playing this amusing game... an rpg online game called TALES OF THE PIRATES .. its about being a pirate and experiencing so many adventures.. this game is just like any other rpg that its prime purpose is to kill monsters and level-up !! eheheh... but it makes so unique is , the characters are so cute ! (haaaay! Like meh ! ahah)... try this game.. hmmm. i am really amused.. and hope u will too !! haha !!
well till ryt here!!
i hope you have a great day today !! just like meh !! hahahah !!! ciao!! ciawarma !!



  1. hhmmff..multitasking jud..heheh.lingaw bya magdula of Tales of Pirates. Kahit na hirap magpalvl enjoy parin. Payo ko sa inyo na maglaro na rin ng Tales of Pirates kahit na sa inyong mga vacant time lang..hehe

  2. mark mark pka ha!! richard daliba ka oi!! hahahahahaha !!! char !!

  3. lingawa nimu mark oi... ikaw2 lng man ang nacomment... heheheheh galasgawa jud nimu oie... hehheheheh muzta??? over hang gihapon ka diha???


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