Sunday, August 26, 2007

the insane horseman

from celebacy of my youth. i have never been so fraud to everyone or to anyone. i have just been timid to everything or to anything. but why would i accept myself for something that can cause my everything to become an anything. this might have any problem to my speech communication, isn't it? propensities of it, yet destructible, have been shared and sheered by everyone in everything. what am i supposed to do? am i blind? am i deaf? am i mute? or am i just insane? oh yes, insanity is my middle name i guess. though i'm perfectly designed by my gene origins, i still have imperfections. why is that? is there something depriving to someone? or maybe to everyone? oh no.. am i really going crazy? or is this just a test of faith? faith to whom? to GOD? hmmm .. who's GOD? i have never heard of him. is he an action star? oh maybe a comedianne? no? so who is he? is he a girl? are they friends with mother nature? or maybe he's just a simple person with a simple life. why am i talking about GOD? is he really that important to be talked about? propensities of this universe have never been changed since the big bang. big bang? is it made by a gun? thus it concerns with the rotation of saturn? saturn, my favorite planet. when can i go there? have gone there? is there really rings on each volvanos? are there water source emanating in the insides of saturn? thus it relates to you? maybe i am not the one who is insane? i guess its you..

is this insanity?



  1. i think everyone whose made a mark in the world was little bit insane..

  2. hahahaha! tama ka paolo :P

  3. wait lang ha, murag nawala ko sa imong entry dah. =)

    oi, miss you day. =)

  4. mARk NOW I REALize that InsAniTy shouLd be sPeLLed MarK Van...gRrRrrRRrrr... LiL SouL aGain???hehHehehe


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