Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Glimpse of History – The Expansion of Europe Beyond the Seas

European expansion was brought about by the interplay of many causes, such as Renaissance, love for adventure, commerce, desire to spread religion, and desire for wealth and power.

The knowledge of men and the world was increased through the help of many important inventions and discoveries.

The early contact of Europe with the East was indirect. Later, trade routes were established. Trade routes were important factors in the establishments of the trade relations between the West and the East. The capture of Constatinople by the Turks in 1453 forced the search for another trade route to the East.

Portugal took leadership in geographical discoveries and explorations. Other nations followed suit. Rivalries in trade and in the acquisition of colonies ensued. Rivalries were in turn followed by wars.

The discoveries and explorations led to European expansion. The effects of the discoveries and explorations were important not only in Europe but also for the world. This also brought about the increase in wealth and luxuries, growth in commerce and trade, rise of the middle class and contact of the civilization of Europe and the other regions of the world


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