Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Glimpse of History – The Way Toward the Modern World

The Christian Church played an important role in the life of man of the Middle Ages. The monasteries helped make the life of the people easier and richer, and were almost wholly responsible in preserving knowledge and literature.

The Barbarians would have destroyed the culture of Europe had not the Roman Empire in the East and the Church taken effective measures to preserve it.

The power and influence of the Church declined on account of the rise of rival religions, the conflict between the Pope and the princes, and the Great Schism.

The Christian Church launched the Crusades in order to recover the Holy Land from the Turks. Although the Crusades failed to accomplish this original purpose, they brought about the contact between the East and the West. And this contact promoted both the cultural and material progress of the world.

A new system of social organization known as feudalism developed in the Middle Ages. This system was based on land tenure. Feudalism caused important changes in the social life of the world.

The rise of nation-states was due to the development of a common feeling, natural development of one common national language, and the feeling of kinship.

New interest in learning was revived. Italy took the leadership in the Renaissance. The Renaissance changed the attitude of the people towards life.

Middle Ages laid the foundation of the modern world.

Without the contributions of the Middle Ages the modern world would have been possible.


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