Friday, November 16, 2007

A Glimpse of History - Greek Rich Civilization

The wonderful development of the many-sided genius of the Greeks was due mainly to the geography of the country and the character of the people. The people were self-reliant; adventurous, fearless, but moderate and freedom-loving. They were lovers of beauty and truth. That love of beauty found expression in art, poetry, music, and philosophy.
Greek civilization developed in small communities, like the independent city-states of Athens and Sparta. These two cities developed two different types of civilization. Sparta emphasized military service to the state, while Athens experimented on different forms of government to promote the welfare of the individual, thus becoming the leading democratic city-state. This ideological difference between Sparta and Athens brought about rivalry and war.
Athens emerged as a famous city. Two great powers, however, threatened her independence – Persia and Carthage, which waged several wars to destroy her civilization. The wars, costly and useless, dragged on through a long period. Athens, however, emerged victorious and preserved her civilization for the world.
Athens victory over Persia saved the Greek civilization which Alexander the Great spread throughout the length and breadth of the eastern empire he built centering Alexandria in Egypt.
Greece enriched life through her contributions. She improved upon the ways of living, which she inherited from our ancestors. Greek life found expression in songs, art, literature, science, lofty thoughts or philosophy and history, these accomplishments illumined or enlightened the world.



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