Monday, November 19, 2007

A Glimpse of History - Rome’s Influence in the Advancement of the Human Race

What brought about the rise of the Roman republic? Two important factors made Rome the greatest power and a seat of a great civilization: her geographical position, and the character of her people. Rome’s position made it easy for her to spread her dominion along the Mediterranean Sea. In the north she was protected from the barbarous tribe by the Alps. The Mediterranean Sea separated her from her civilized rivals. And the character of her people enables her to make most of his strategic position.

The ancient Romans were a disciplined and orderly people. Unlike the Greeks, they could compose their own practical advantage. Just as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks had their respective civilization so had the Romans also developed their own. As a result of her wars with the Greeks, Rome gained control of the cities Magna Grecia, and then extended her powers and influence over the Mediterranean world. Her doors were thus opened to receive the culture of this part. Later, as a result of her victory over the Carthaginians, Rome became the mistress of the Mediterranean and the builder of the great Roman Empire.

Rome’s position enabled her to absorb and spread the culture of the ancient people, and thus fulfilled the mission of preserving and enriching ancient cultures that she handed down to the Western World. But Rome’s greatest service to civilization was the triumph of the Christianity over paganism. This victory greatly altered the moral standards of society. Although Rome did not make original contributions to the world, she made valuable efforts in preserving the culture and civilizations of the Greeks and the Oriental people.

The history of the Roman republic is characterized by the struggle between plebeians and patricians, the rivalry among military leaders, and the struggle for mastery of the Mediterranean world. The republic enlarged into an empire. The Roman Empire lasted for almost five hundred years. Ina bout 395 A.D. it declined for various reasons.


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