Monday, September 17, 2007

the Insane Horseman II

damn.. !! i have never been like this. should i need to stop my heartbeat? i am too confused with my being !! i am too full with dreams that i shouldn't be dreaming. whats happening to me?? this is not me? this is someone else. help me. i am drowning. this feeling... it is really unusual. what shall i do? should i keep myself like this forever? is there an antidote with this virus? no? then, shall i be dead by then? after i have been through? just like this? nooooo... i need to keep myself steady. steady as just the wind flapping like wings. wings? do i have wings? no i dont have wings. do i need wings to fly? i want to fly? no flying is not my forte. what's forte? oh.. i am running out of time..

could you define "define"?


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