Monday, September 3, 2007

Memoirs in my Elementary Days

Experince el major en su vida! Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. Experiences are the happenings in our lives. It made us changed into a better person. Here are one of my best experiences.

Confidence. I once had been a coward myself when it comes to performance. Being in a big state and facing the massive audience makes my legs shaky. That means I am frightened when I’m in front of many people. Even in my close friends, I still cannot bare myself to be in a normal state, I always feel nervous. But not until I had this experience. This occurrence changed my personality and boosts my self-confidence.

It was Monday afternoon. I’m still a fifth grader and very fresh for firsthand knowledge. But I still was unconfident and uncertain. Listening to my history teacher was the most uninteresting and the most bromidic thing to do, but not before when someone knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock!

Everybody stared at the visitor even our teacher whom she did not want someone disturbing her class. The unexpected person was Ms. Jane Allala, the head of the English department.

“Yes, Miss Allala?”, our teacher asked with a plastic smile. “What do you want from this class?”

“Before I proceed to my course in here. Ma’am,” she answered back, I would like to say good afternoon to everyone.”

“GOOD AFTERNOON, MISS ALLALA.” All of us simultaneously said.

“Well, thank you!”, she replied. “Well, I have here the list of the representatives to body forth our school for the upcoming Speech fest ’99, a literary competition,” she paused, “and apparently one of your students luckily have been chosen to be the contestant for the two crafts,” everybody was stunned, “the craft ‘Pagsasalita’ and craft ‘One-on-One’. He will be immediately trained by sincerely yours. His name is,’ she paused again but this time it is rather protract and extensive, there was no single hush, “Mr. Mark Van Buladaco.”

Did I hear my name? Or was it just my wild imagination? If my memory serves me right, I do not have a hearing disorder or any auditory illness. So, that means, I had really heard my name. The name she mentions was veritably mine. My God! This is an unexpected and surprising situation.

“Where is he?”, Miss Allala asked.

I raised my hand tensely.

“Please stand. So that I could easily identify you.”

I stood nervously.

“We will start our practice tomorrow at my office at exactly five in the afternoon. Did you get that?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

That was just the start. The practice was so enjoyable and I had learned so much. Until the most waited day comes. My first craft was held at the gymnasium of Kapitan Thomas Monteverde Sr. Central Elementary School. When we were approaching the venue, I thought my heart would momentarily burst. My perspiration was cold and my head was spinning. I think I need medicine nausea. As we entered, together with my coach, I’m still nervous and my hand decreased its temperature. I am contestant number five. When my number was called, I stood in front and performed. I think I’m going to die. But I have no choice. I finished my craft with pride. Then, the audience clapped. I had standing ovation. I bowed and sat on the backside of the stage. I was still shaking but I realized that I was smiling. Then, I arrived cachinnating.

From that, I had gained and acquired self-confidence that helped me with my proceeding contests and would guide me for the future.

Fear. I was dreaming.

I was in the edge of a cliff staring at the empty and vast space. The wind was smooth. The sky was clear and the ambiance was cool. All was right. It was paradise. The feeling was so light. I was like flying without wings. Then, suddenly someone thruster me from my back. I toppled out of the precipice. I realized I was falling. Ahhhh! I screamed.

I woke up. That was scary! I thought.

It was a Sunday morning, I was still a child. I looked at my window and smiled. The day was perfect. The sky is blue, the air is relaxing and everything was all right. All is positive. Just like in my dream. My dream? I cannot remember my dream. It simply faded away my memory. I came back to reality when someone knocked on the door and opened it. It was my mother.

“Mark, take your shower now because we are going to a carnival with your sister.” She said.

I abruptly went to the restroom. I changed into my best clothes and fixed myself properly. Once we were in the carnival, I gazed my eyes on all rides, stalls and etcetera. There were many sights to stare at. But the one that struck me most was the colossal Ferris wheel. I was terrified and scared. I will not ride with that thing! I thought. I mean it!

But my mother still insists. I had no choice but to ride in that horrible nightmare vessel. Once I stepped on the carriage, my heartbeat gets faster and I felt nervous when I sat down. Then, the nightmare had begun. It started moving clockwise slowly. I was really frozen on my spot. My freaky dream was coming into life. I am going to die. Help! Help! Help! When our carriage arrives at the highest part, I had vomited, my face was white and I was feeling like a spindle. But when it turns back again, I unexpectedly and merely enjoyed it. Yes! I have conquered my fear of heights.

I was thankful with that experience. It was made me better and strong person.

Well, thess experiences really helped me to be strong and now I can face the world with pride.


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