Saturday, August 30, 2008

Insane Horseman III

The darkest of days has come to happen. Dum dum dum. How dark is it? Is it that dark? oooohhh... I cannot see anything... Somebody, help me please! aaaahh... Wait! There is a light coming from a distance.. What it could be? I need to see it.. I need to reach it! .. What is this!? A flower? How can this be! What a nonsense thing!

Exclaim. Spit. Bawl. Shriek. Vociferate.

God of Rejuvenation, reinvigorate me from this hatred. I cannot take this anymore. Such multifarious horror and repellency.


I do not want to stay here forever!

Let me out ! let me out!




  1. nakita ko ulit tong blog u while searching for my latest post if it was already indexed.. thanks for adding my feeds in your sidebar! yay!

  2. I am so tukar! hi kuya jehz!! musta? aw! hehehehe


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