Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Surveyed

1. In three words, explain yesterday:

..- So So Tired... aggrrr

2. What made you smile today?

..- hmmmmmm si anu! basta mahiya aku!1

3. What were u doing this morning at 8?

..- calling ....!! nkkainis kasi ndi sinasagot ang tawag kuh!
4. What were u doing 4 hrs ago?

..- I'm sleeping. i think!

5. Something that happened to you in 1985?

..- ohh my god! I am still a butterfly!

6. Last thing someone said to you?

..- unsay 'open philosophy'? hehhe peace ding~

7. What was your answer?

..- ana kuh ambot ui!!

8. Worst thing currently on television:

..- Ung Boxing sa RPN.. eeeewww

9. What was in your e-mail today?

..- I do have 112 emails today.. huuhhuuh andami!! ggrrr Mostly multiply, PBS (philippine bloggers society), yahoo answers, entrecard and everything else.

10. How many different beverages have you drank today?

..- two only (first coffee and then water)

11 . What is your favorite part of this day?

..- When he answered my call. I have more than 50 missed calls to him.

12. Your current To-do list?

..- Making my online assignments.. gggrrr

13. Where is your best friend right now?

..- school.. I'm not sure or I think she is in queensland right now. hehehe

14. What color is your toothbrush?

..- white with blue.

15. What are you wearing right now?

..- I am wearing my damn uniform.

16 . Any plans for Friday night?

..- Naaahh!

17. Least favorite place to shop.

..- DCLA!

18. Things you bought today?

..- E-load!

19. Last gift you received?

..- A green lacoste polo shirt from my LOLA

20 . Who gave you that?

..- LOLA norma

21. What made you sad today?

..- For not answering my damn calls....! I really hate that!

22. What can make you happy?

..- When someone give me some money.. hehehehe

23. did u smoke or drink today?

..- No!

24. Describe your key chain:

..- I do not have a key chain! OMG..

25. Where do you keep ur change?

..- In my pocket.

26. Are you happy with your life?

..- I think so... sometimes

27. What are you thinking now?

..- How to achieve WORLD PEACE!!! and i want to eat cheeseburger!!!

28. Person you trust the most?

..- I cannot answer this.

29 . What day is it today?

..- Thursday...!

30. What are you going to do after this?

..- kain lunch!! weee



  1. i like the smiley...that's all...

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  3. yes this is great.

  4. What's interesting in this site?


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