Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A senseless post

God!! For about three days, my eyes are drooping. I am so tired and exhausted. I have been staring at my computer for three days now and nothing is happening. I wanna drop out of school. Ang hirap talaga maging student. Tapos wala pa akong inspiration. Kagilok! Haha. My teacher in Software Engineering I really pissed me off. He always corrected my documentation five times. Is that normal? No it isn't. Ang sakit na yung eyes kuh!! Sana may mag comfort jan? (ooooh?? Sinu naman). How i wish this semester will end soon!!!

Im extending my apologies to all my fans (ooooh?) for not updating my blog with senseful posts. Thank you for being able to understand my situation. ang taray! Promise! I will be updating it soon. To those who wanted to see pictures of me you can visit my profile in friendster: - marcolocco-. Just add me up cause it is on private. You can also view my page in multiply: Marcoholics.



  1. i guess being single is cool.. nyaha!

  2. mmmmm... but there still odds on being single.. i dont want to stay single for long..


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