Thursday, April 24, 2014

Laughtrip with Super Maid Inday!

From BlogNiInday

Naospital si sir

Amo: Inday, diba nurse ka naman, pakicheck naman blood sugar ko! (Inday checks the Blood Sugar of the master)

Inday: The reading in this phased out CBG monitor shows that your blood glucose is elevated at 180mg/dL 

Amo: (Sweats) Ha potanyeta!!!! Bat nagkaganon!!!

Inday: Sir, don’t be such an overacting imbecile… Don’t you know you have Diabetes Mellitus?

Amo: (wipes blood from nose) Huh? Ano yun?

Inday: Your illness is a complex metabolic derangement is characterized by a grossly abnormal usage of fuel. the level of insulin is inappropriately low while that of glucagon is too high relative to the needs of the body. As in starvation, glucose utilization in your illness is poor, but glucose is actually present in excessive amounts. Sir, its starvation amidst plenty. Therefore, sir, there is an inhibition in the pathways of both glycolysis and glycogenesis. 

The liver attempts to generate glucose from 2 equivalents of PYRUVATE, which is catalyzed by pyruvate carboxylase, and uses up 2ATPs and converts it to ADP. The product OXALOACETATE is converted to PHOSPHOENOL PYRUVATE, in a GTP mediated reaction between the substrate and the enzyme PEP Carboxylase. PEP is then converted to 3-PHOSPHOGLYCERATE, 1,3 BIPHOSPHOGLYCERATE, FRUCTOSE 1,6-BIPHOSPHATE, FRUCTOSE-6-PHOSPHATE, each in succession though the enzyme phosphoglycerate kinase, then spontaneous oxidation by NADH, then enzyme Fructose 1,6-biphosphatase, respectively. The precursor to Glucose is now produced. The product GLUCOSE 6-PHOSPHATE underwent a dephosphorylation reaction by the enzyme Glucose 6-phosphatase to produce GLUCOSE, otherwise known as your Blood Sugar. Sir, that explains the heightened level of glucose in your bloodstream. This pathway further increases that glucose level in a well-fed state. 

 Amo: (ear bleeds and faints, and rushed to Inday’s homecourt, UST Hospital, after First Aid, Insulin, and Shock Management by Inday)


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