Friday, July 19, 2013

The Phenomenon called "GUTOM"

To my dear readers, my apologies again for not posting here. Well, anyways, I just finished my prelim exams with my students. Every time I ask them, "Are you ready?", before the exam starts, they always respond "NOOO!". And I will say, "That's good! You are really ready!".

I am actually glad and flattered that the students appreciated the exam questions since they really studied a lot for the prelim exam. Even though its 100 items of multiple choice questions. Well its my time now for my agony to check their papers. ITS ALOOOOOTTT also.

So I am here in my short course Programming class which I have 6 students. two among them are already working, one of them just resigned, two are still studying from a different school and one is a high school graduate.

They are actually answering right now for a problem. They must create a program that would determine whether the input number is Odd or Even number. So, eventually its been 2 hours now and they are still figuring out how to solve the problem. I have been given them clues constantly. I even give them the modulus operator must used and still they haven't figured it out.

I am soooooooooooo GUTOM na! I haven't had any breakfast or even a morning snack. GOSH!!! Sometimes when you passed out breakfast and its already lunchtime and you haven't eaten yet, you see thing you shouldn't see.

Oh guys please can you just answer it!!! Its very simple! PLEASE!! I will die from hunger.


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