Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Results: USA Won

Brazil, USA, Australia, Philippines and Venezuela.

Congratulations to Olivia Culpo from USA for winning the most coveted title MISS UNIVERSE. and to Janine Tugonon 1st runner up, I am so proud of you. You represented the country very well. A three-peat top 5 placement for the Philippines is not a simple thing to achieve in Miss Universe.

It was like Miss Universe 1973 where the elegant Margarita Moran won the crown all over again. The last two standing were Philippines and USA.

The top 5 were a group of front runners and underrated beauties. Philippines and Venezuela were expected to place in the top 5. But USA, Brazil and Australia came successful to even though they were predicted to have low placements by the pageant experts. As for me this line up of top 5 are very solid and formidable.

Olivia was shining through out the night. She was destined for the crown and I believe she is really deserving. Aside from the fact that she is only 5'5" in height, she manages to win the title.

Janine gave the best answer in the question and answer round. When I was watching that portion, I said to myself that she will win. But I realized that the final judging will be based from the beauty, body, personality and over all performance including swimsuit round, evening gown round and the Q and A round.

The most depressing thing happened was the non placement of the front runners and pageant fans favorite such as Miss Puerto Rico - Bodine Kohler, Miss Colombia - Daniella Alvarez, Miss Czech Republic - Tereza Cheblovska and Miss Malaysia - Kimberley Legget.

I was actually surprised by the placement of Hungary - Agnes Konkoly whom is one of my sentimental favorites and India - Shilpa Singh which was so good during the preliminaries. Shilpa was so good in catwalk and projection. Turkey surprised me too. She was stunning in the finale night.

The other winners are Irene Esser from Venezuela as 2nd Runner up, Renae Ayris from Australia as 3rd runner up and Gabriel Markus Brazil as 4th runner up.

Completing top 10 were from France - Marie Payet, Hungary - Agnes Konkoly, Mexico - Karina González, Russia - Elizabeth Golovanova and South Africa - Melinda Bam. Finishing the top 16 were Croatia - Elizabeta Burg, Kosovo - Diana Avdiu, India - Shilpa Singh, Peru - Nicole Faverón, Poland - Marcelina Zawadzka and Turkey - Çağıl Özge Özkul.

Miss Kosovo Diana Avdiu (Miss Photogenic)

Special awards were given to Miss Guatemala - Laura Godoy as Miss Congeniality, Miss Kosovo - Diana Avdiu as Miss Photogenic and Miss China - Ji Dan Xu as Best National Costume.

It was indeed a great show. See you again next year.

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