Monday, August 13, 2012

The Unemployed

Hi guys. Its been months since I last posted here. Just got busy looking for a job..

I realize now that it is not that easy to look for a job. You need to be a lot more patient than you think. 

Well I will share to you some numbers about employment....

In April 2012, the Philippines’ unemployment rate dropped slightly to 6.9 percent announced by the National Statistics Office. The latest figure is lower than the 7.2 percent recorded during the same period in 2011.

Here in Davao City, the employment rate of 93.8 percent ranks second to the lowest throughout Mindanao. Maybe the reason is that there are already many established companies here in the region.

I wish I am part of that 93.8 percent. I have applied to different companies, large, small, stable, established, staggering, growing, starting companies. I also met many people which I really appreciate. I have a chance talk to different kinds of people, diverse individuals. 

I am an IT graduate and had experienced teaching in college. But I realized that I can be more happy and effective if I am in a different career. I do believe that I have excellent people relations skills and communication skills. I prefer a job where I am one of the team players where I get to talk to people like sales or customer service. It can make me more effective. I have been interviewed by HUNDREDS of companies but I am still unfortunate.

Right now, I am thinking positively and hopefully someday I can be hired in a stable job. I know I do it. POWER!

PS: If ever you get to read this post and you have a job offer, don't hesitate to text or call me. 09094177896 or 09334222433. Thanks



  1. go online and avoid the freaking tax..hahaha

  2. Go! lang ng Go! think positive and don't forget to asked for God's guidance and strength, I assure you, he will help you..!! God bless good fellas.. :)

  3. the universe is busy arranging events to lead you to that right instant and place of the perfect job so be patient mark.. :)

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