Friday, May 4, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Hotpick 1

Miss Universe 2012 will be in December 2012 and the venue is yet to be announced.

Caroline Aguirre is my Miss Universe 2012 Hotpick 1.
As of May 4, 2012, 38 delegates have been selected. This is Marcospot's Miss Universe 2012 hot picks 
1. Caroline Aguirre (Ecuador) - She has been my favorite since Miss Ecuador 2012. She has the total package to become Miss Universe. Her eyes, her smile, height ... It is just perfect!

2. Melinda Bam (South Africa) - This hot bum from the African country will rock the Miss Universe. With that vavavoom body she will definitely skyrocket in the top 5 and she can win the crown.

3. Marcelina Zawadzka (Poland) - I cant stop looking at her beautiful face. Such a divine lady that could be in the top 5 of MU.

4. Elizabeta Burg(Croatia) - A DEMI-GODDESS. With the proper styling she can rock the whole MU 2012.

5. Irene Esser (Venezuela) - Another DEMI GODDESS. Osmel Sousa (MUV director) will not play safe this time. Irene will be in the top 5. Mark that!

6. Ayako Hara (Japan) - Japan is back. Ayako is really good in the ramp.
7. Lindsay Japal (Cayman Islands) - With her recent transformation, I could say she will be in the semis. I love her. She is my sentimental favorite.
8. Nicole Faveron (Peru) - The ignored Latina. Beautiful and tall.
9. Delphine Wespiser (France) - I love her major major transformation. France will be in the semis again.
10. Karina González (Mexico) - THE LEGS BABY!

11. Lina Machola (Israel)
12. Laura Godoy (Guatemala)
13. Bodine Kohler (Puerto Rico)
14. Bojana Lečić (Serbia)
15. Noelle Ada (Gabon) 

Bubbling up the list: Janine Mari Tugonon (Philippines), Andrea Huisgen (Spain), Lee Sung-hye (Korea), Elizaveta Golovanova (Russia), and Maria Selena (Indonesia)



  1. Miss Colombia Daniela Alvarez is better queen to win the Miss universe 2012 crown. She's 100 percent real woman. She is beautiful than any of the list the same ones all the time.

  2. I am still not sold with Daniela's capability to enter the semis.


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