Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Year of the Dragon: Asian Domination in Miss Universe

We all know that Asian delegates had a hard time in getting into semis of Miss Universe Competition. But there are years that Asians were the one that dominated.

In 1988, Asia dominated Miss Universe in the year of the Dragon with four Asians in the top 5 with Mexico as the only Latina. Thailand's Porntip Nakhirunkanok grabbed the crown. I wanna watch it and see how these four Asian ladies graced MU. Chang Yoonjung of Korea won 1st runner up, Mizuho Sakaguchi of Japan was 3rd runner up and Pauline Yeung of Hongkong was 4th runner up.

In 1952, also a year of the Dragon and the start of the Miss Universe, one Asian dominated the top 5, Hongkong's Judy Dan ended 3rd runner up.

In 1964, another year of the Dragon, two Asians dominated again the top 5: Ronit Rechtman of Israel (2nd runner up) and Lana Yu Yi of China (4th runner up).

In 1976, year of the Dragon, Israel's Rina Messinger won the crown. Based on the pictures, she deserved it.

In 2000, yes a Dragon year, another Asian won the crown: Lara Dutta of India. She is the only who entered the top 10 (semifinalists). I saw the pageant and Lara was sparkling on stage and her answer was the key in winning.

Now, the year 2012 is another Dragon year, will Asian still dominate? Another Asian MU? Will history repeats itself?

As of now here are some of the selected delegates for this year to compete in Miss Universe:

Maria Selena of Indonesia

Sung-hye Lee
Kimberley Leggett

comment your thought guys.
credits to Missosology.info for the photos


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  1. as what I have observed, basing it from the facts stated above, the Philippines was not that lucky enough to place at any miss universe competition held during a dragon year. With that, shall we expect a placement with this year's Janine Tugonon? May the history be changed. hoping for a the elusive crown to go back to the Philippines this year...


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