Saturday, December 31, 2011

Miss Tourism International 2011 Results

Miss Tourism International, the TOP 15: Czech Republic, Thailand, Panama, Mongolia, Singapore, Costa Rica, Portugal, Malaysia, India, Brazil, China, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Peru and Georgia.

Miss Tourism International, the Top 10: Brazil, Peru, China, Singapore, Czech Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia

4th runner up: Czech Republic
3rd runner up: Singapore
2nd runner up: Thailand
1st runner up: Panama

Miss Tourism Int'l 2011: Malaysia Aileen Gabriella Robinson

I think she is deserving for the title. She is a goddess for me. But how I wish Singapore won and Philippines placed at least in top 15.

For you, what do you think that the hometown girl won Miss Tourism International 2011?

Credits to MarkIB of Missosology Forum


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