Friday, July 22, 2011

I Passed the Civil Service Exam

I cannot believed it. I actually passed the Civil Service exam last May 22, 2011. I never really expected this because I never had any formal review. Thank God! As you can see on the screen grab above, I am on sequence no. 106 and my examinee number is 203545. After two months, my certificate of eligibility will be released. I am so excited to apply in government agencies. As of now, I am still waiting for opportunities. Nevertheless, I am happy, glad, honored and I feel successful. Good luck to me in my next journey!



  1. Good luck jud mark!


  2. If you don't mind, please accept my heartfelt congratulations. But will it be okey with you if you can share an image format of your Certificate of Eligibility? It's really SOMETHING THAT WE CAN SEE HOW VALID Civil Service had made you passed the exam. It's really worth of your success... Thanks


  3. February 05, 2012
    Congratulations We love to see your success here!

    But good to you because you have hurdled and passed the exam even without review. But your SMART Foundation of your education is what we believe a one reason of successfully passing the exam.

    However, the statistics remain to show that 90% failed. And one identified reason of failure is due to COMING TO EXAMINATION UNPREPARED!

    There are still many people who believe that REVIEW is a better form of preparation.

    And I know one man who even can share his experties, knowledge and COACHING experience in helping examinees or prospects to GET HIGH CHANCE OF PASSING...

    Just in case you have a heart of helping others too, please share the webpage:

    Or please help them by letting them visit the site:



  4. @engr sihay - why do u need my copy of my certificate..?

  5. I took the examination PPT for CSC Professional last 2008 and may 22, 2011 but sad to say I failed because my waterloo is Numerical Test. I Got only 62.11 percent


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