Friday, June 17, 2011


According to
Rejection is an interpersonal situation that occurs when a person or group of people exclude an individual from a social relationship

I want to share a very interesting but depressing quote..
I had immediate success in the sense that I sold something right off the bat. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake and it really wasn't. I have drawers full of - or I did have - drawers full of rejection slips.
Fred Saberhagen

Each of us have many dreams. But dreams are just imaginary. I always thought that I am a skilled and talented individual. But the truth is... I wasn't. It is then I realized when for over many instances in my life where I dreamt of acceptance, all of them were rejections. Yes.. I was rejected. Each of them. Rejected! Rejected! Rejected! I keep on asking myself. What's with me? Am I not likeable enough to be accepted? or Am I just too full of myself?

Then, I realized that not all you wanted and needed will be yours. You have to be patient and persever in facing the realities of life. Right now, I am doing all my best that was left of me. I know that someday I will become successful in life.


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