Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Satirical!!

I took this quiz about what is my sense of humor.. is the result... gggrrr

"You are satirical!

Do you think comedy can serve a higher purpose? Or maybe you just like poking fun at people. Either way, you seem to enjoy satirical humor. Satire is the use of irony and wit to expose the unethical or just plain ridiculous aspects of society. Satirists come in many forms. There are political critics such as Jon Stewart and Tina Fey, cultural jesters such as Weird Al Yankovic and situational comedians such as Margaret Cho. With satire, you can critique your subject using parody--imitation, exaggeration, fake mustaches, etc. When you are funny, it's easier to share an opinion that is a little controversial. Do you want to influence people? Keep them laughing and they won't know what hit them."


What is satirical by the way? hahahahah



  1. dont know neither..

    got my adsense on.. but im not sure yet.. hehe.. pwede patulong..

  2. hi. thats a nice word satirical. heheheh


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